Story: 12 Tips For Organizing Your Closet

How do you organize a small closet with a lot of stuff?
Here are some quick tips for re-training yourself to be comfortable with organization.
Make It a Daily Habit.
Allow Yourself to Mess Up.
Provide a Home for Everything.
Let Yourself Experiment.
Add an Extender Rod to Double Your Hanging Space.
Invest in a Rolling Clothing Rack.
Organize Your Shelves With Shelf Dividers.
Are you finding yourself a little bored during quarantine? Here are a few ways to get your closet in order! You can buy these things right off of Amazon. Check out our list!

How should I organize my closet with a lot of clothes?

10 Organization Tricks for People With Too Many Clothes of 10. Double Up Your Hangers. of 10. Invest in Dividers. of 10. Use Shower Curtain Rings for Scarves. of 10. File Your T-Shirts. of 10. Use Smarter Hangers. of 10. Add More Rods. of 10. Store Bulky Items Like Shoes. of 10. Add Storage Up Top.

What should you do first to organize your closet?

You need a clear, clean space to plan and visualize how you're going to re-organize your closet. First, dust the shelving and hanging rods. Next, run the vacuum or sweep and mop the floor. Finally, wipe the shelving, hanging rods, walls, and baseboards down with a good all-purpose cleaner.

Is it better to organize closet by color or style?

Organize by silhouette, not color. "It's more about who you will be seeing that day, how you're feeling and the weather." She recommended organizing a wardrobe based on silhouette and then by style. So all the pants go together and then that section is broken down by type: skinny, wide leg, trouser, etc.

How do you store your jeans?

1:06 4:32 So if my jeans as you can see here got them a little wall of denim I just have them all hung up likeMore

How do you maximize a closet space?

If most of your clothes are short hanging, add an extra closet rod to instantly double the amount of hanging space. Add-on, cascading and slim profile hangers are other good ways to save space. Finally, give yourself the benefit of drawers in your closet by using hanging sweater and hanging shoe organizers.

How do I know if I have too many clothes?

30 signs you have WAY too many clothes Trying to keep your wardrobe organised is like a full-time job. You have to do a charity shop clear-out every other month. You often find things you swear you must have been drunk to buy. Under your bed is full of shoe boxes that you haven't opened in forever.

How do you be ruthless when decluttering clothes?

How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes: 8 Key tips Get in the right headspace to start ruthless decluttering. Set a deadline. Make ruthless decluttering fun. Motivate yourself with a reward. Lay out all your clothes. Create a sell, keep, donate, and discard. Ask yourself questions as you start ruthless decluttering.

Is it best to hang or fold t-shirts?

What to fold: Anything that can easily stretch out, such as sweaters, knits, T-shirts and sweats, should be folded rather than hung, because folding puts less stress on these materials. Sturdy items like denim, cords and khakis also do well folded.

What clothes are you supposed to hang?

7 Types Of Clothes You Should Hang In Your Closet Dresses. For lightweight dresses, hang them with the help of the straps that are sewn into the back. Light Sweaters & Cardigans. Hang sweaters and cardigans in your closet too. Blouses. Trousers & Dress Pants. Jackets, Blazers, & Coats. Skirts. Scarves.

How do I decide what clothes to keep?

Here are seven signs to consider when getting rid of clothes. It Has Stains, Holes, or a Smell. This might seem like an obvious sign. You No Longer Love It. It's From an Outdated Trend. It Hasn't Fit in a Year. You Haven't Worn It in a Year. It No Longer Fits Your Style. It's Uncomfortable.

How can I organize my closet without buying anything?

Read on to get started. Step 1: Toss Anything You Haven't Worn in a Year. Step 2: Remove Everything That Isn't Clothing, Shoes, or Accessories. Step 3: Buy Uniform Hangers. Step 4: Get Adjustable Shelves. Step 5: Pick Everything Up Off the Floor. Step 6: Make Purses Easy to Access.

How do I organize my closet like a pro?

Start with a clean slate by taking everything out of the closet. Once everything is out, it's easier to dust, vacuum or even paint the closet. Separate your clothing into categories, with piles for each type of item, such as pants, skirts, blouses, shirts, shoes and boots. Go through your clothes and be really honest.

What order do you color closets?

ROYGBIV – Roy-gee-biv! Sort by the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Many people believe it's the best way to go about color coding a closet—it's easy to remember and provides greater contrast between groups.

Is it better to fold jeans or hang them?

Should you be folding, or hanging up? When it comes to jeans, there is really no right or wrong answer. Unlike dresses or trousers, jeans are extremely durable, so they can be folded without risk of wrinkling or losing their shape. Ditto with other heavy pants such as cords, leather, or cargo pants.

How do you store leggings?

4:41 6:30 You're going to tuck it in you can open it up a little bit to see that you do have clearance. AndMore

How do you organize jeans and leggings?

Storing them on a shelf allows you to see each pair of pants that you have. Place one pant leg over the other to fold the pants in half vertically. Then, fold the pair of pants in half horizontally twice to create a square. Stack each pair of folded pants on top of one another neatly.

How do you arrange clothes in shelves?

5:07 15:51 Simply slide the dividers onto the shelf above one of your hanging rods. And place two or threeMore

How can I make a small closet more functional?

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Closet Double your available hanging space by adding an extender rod. Store clothes on shelves more efficiently with shelf dividers. Double your shelf space with under shelf baskets. Hooks are your very best friend.

How can I organize my shoes a lot?

0:53 9:22 For another option as to how to store your shoes properly. Buy shoe bins that can stack by buyingMore

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