Story: 10 of the Coolest Jobs You Never Knew Existed

What are some badass jobs?
6 Badass Jobs That You’re Probably Already Qualified to Do
1 Bodyguard. The Badass Job:
2 Ice Road Trucker. Getty. The Badass Job:
3 Hazmat Worker. Getty. The Badass Job:
4 Private Detective. Getty. The Badass Job:
5 Martial Arts Instructor. Getty. The Badass Job:
6 Bounty Hunter. Getty. All it takes is ONE hit.
Do you ever feel like all you do day after day is answer emails? These jobs are the cure.

What are some badass jobs?

6 Badass Jobs That You're Probably Already Qualified to Do 1 Bodyguard. The Badass Job: 2 Ice Road Trucker. Getty. The Badass Job: 3 Hazmat Worker. Getty. The Badass Job: 4 Private Detective. Getty. The Badass Job: 5 Martial Arts Instructor. Getty. The Badass Job: 6 Bounty Hunter. Getty. All it takes is ONE hit.

What is the most interesting job ever?

Read about some of the weirdest and most interesting jobs out there and see if your calling is among them. Ayurveda Healer. Visage / Getty Images. Bike Courier. Caiaimage/Robert Daly / Getty Images. Body Painter. Stefan Cioata / Getty Images. Color Expert. Feng Shui Consultant. Flavorist. Fragrance Chemist. Hippotherapist.

What is the most fun job?

12 of the most fun jobs in every field Novelist. Race car driving instructor. Food critic. Event planner. Sommelier. Race car mechanic. Video game designer. Voice-over artist.

What is the best dream job?

TOP 10 Childhood Dream Jobs for American Women 1. Teacher 2.Doctor 3.Veterinarian 4.Movie star 6 more rows • Apr 27, 2022

What are illegal jobs?

Thinking about making money illegally? These are the top 10 illegal jobs and why you might think twice. Drug Lord. Fencing. Bank Robbery. Illegal Casino. Con Artist. Hacker. Arms Dealer. Pimp.

How do I get a job as a spy?

How to become a spy Maintain a clean record. Earn a bachelor's degree. Learn a foreign language. Work on your physical fitness. Apply to a federal agency. Don't expect a movie. Choose the right agency. Be sure it's right for you.

What is the best job for a lazy person?

Let's look at the best jobs (that pay well!) for people who consider themselves lazy. Survey Taker. There are tons of online sites looking to hire people to take surveys for money. Online Shopper. Line Stand-In. Rideshare Driver. Librarian. Food Taster. Professional Cuddler. Hotel Sleep Tester.

What is an impressive job?

Something that is impressive impresses you, for example because it is great in size or degree, or is done with a great deal of skill.

What is the weirdest job?

Here are the top 10 weirdest jobs in the world: 8) Full-time Netflix viewer: 7) Train Pusher: 6) Professional Mourner: 5) Snake Milker: 4) Dog food taster: 3) Odor Judge: 2) Marmite Taster: 1) Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man:

What job do most millionaires have?

The National Study of Millionaires Ramsey Solutions conducted the largest survey of millionaires ever with 10,000 participants. Eight out of 10 millionaires invested in their company's 401(k) plan. The top five careers for millionaires include engineer, accountant, teacher, management and attorney.

What jobs pay surprisingly well?

Here is a list of 15 odd jobs to help you find a nontraditional career that pays well: Bereavement coordinator. Bingo or casino manager. Master marijuana extractor. Online dating ghostwriter (freelance writer) Art therapist. Flavorist (chemist) Color expert/designer. Voice-over artist.

What is an easy high paying job?

1. House Sitter. If you're looking for easy high paying jobs, don't discount house sitter. Your main responsibility is simply to be present, ensuring a home doesn't sit empty.

What is the most wanted job by kids?

Top 15 Kids' Dream Jobs Dancer/Choreographer. Mike Harrington / Stone / Getty Images. Actor. Phil Fisk / Cultura RM Exclusive / Getty Images. Musician. PeopleImages / DigitalVision / Getty Images. Teacher. Hero Images / Getty Images. Scientist. Professional Athlete. Firefighter. Detective.

What jobs make happy?

Believe it or not, construction managers, contractors, and construction workers have some of the highest levels of joy and happiness. Labor statistics show that construction managers make an average of more than $95,000 per year.

What is the best job for a kid?

The 10 Best Jobs for Kids, from Mowing Lawns to Making Lemonade Babysitting. This one is a no-brainerbabysitting is basically everybody's first job, right? Lawn Mowing. Errands for Elderly People. Homework Helper. Pet Sitting. Yard Work. Dog Walker. Lifeguard.

What job is the least stressful?

Some low-stress jobs come with good to excellent annual salaries. 10 Low-Stress Jobs. In its annual report, CareerCast considered 11 stress factors when ranking the jobs. Data Scientist. Dietitian. Medical Records Technician. Massage Therapist. Appliance Repairer. Librarian. Diagnostic Medical Stenographer.

How can I get rich fast for free?

How to Make Money Online for Free: 11 Best Ways in 2022 Become a virtual assistant. Do research online. Transcribe audio and video files. Set up a Patreon. Review websites and apps. Join an affiliate program. Launch a YouTube channel. Participate in focus groups.

How can I make money dirty?

Dirty ways to make money working with animals Dairy farmer. The main jobs for a dairy farmer are milking cows, clearing excrement and barn maintenance. Horse groomer. Lambing. Veterinary surgeon. Pool cleaner. Rodent exterminator. Cleaner. Crime scene cleaner.

Is being a spy illegal?

Law. Espionage against a nation is a crime under the legal code of many nations. In the United States, it is covered by the Espionage Act of 1917. The risks of espionage vary.

Is 00 a real thing?

A 00 (typically read "double O" and denoted in Fleming's novels by the letters OO rather than the digits 00) is a field agent who holds a licence to kill in the field, at their discretion, to complete any mission.

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