Quiz: What Kind Of Home Decor Would You Be Turned Into In Beauty And The Beast?

Is Beauty and the Beast hit or flop?
It grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing live-action musical film, making it the second-highest-grossing film of 2017 (after Star Wars: The Last Jedi), and the tenth-highest-grossing film of all time.
Decorate a palace for yourself, and we’ll tell you which piece of furniture or knick-knack the enchantress would have turned you into at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast! Find out here!

Are you a fan of Beauty and the Beast? Have you ever wondered what kind of home decor you would be turned into if you were a character in the movie? Well, now you can find out with our quiz!

In this quiz, you will answer a series of questions that will determine which home decor item from the Beast's castle you would be. Would you be a grand chandelier, a cozy armchair, or a beautiful tapestry? The possibilities are endless!

Not only is this quiz fun and entertaining, but it also allows you to explore your personality and style preferences. You may be surprised by the result and discover a new appreciation for a home decor item you never considered before.

So, are you ready to find out which home decor item you would be in Beauty and the Beast? Take our quiz now and let's get started!

1. What is Beauty and the Beast?

Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale that tells the story of a young woman named Belle who falls in love with a cursed prince who has been transformed into a beast. The story has been adapted into various forms of media, including films, television shows, and stage productions.

2. Who are the main characters in Beauty and the Beast?

The main characters in Beauty and the Beast are Belle, a kind and intelligent young woman, and the Beast, a cursed prince who has been transformed into a monstrous creature. Other notable characters include Gaston, a vain and arrogant hunter who seeks to win Belle's affections, and Lumiere, a charming candlestick who serves as the Beast's loyal servant.

3. What is the moral of Beauty and the Beast?

The moral of Beauty and the Beast is that true beauty lies within a person's character, rather than their outward appearance. The story teaches us to look beyond surface-level judgments and to value kindness, compassion, and inner beauty. It also emphasizes the importance of love and acceptance in overcoming adversity and breaking curses.

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