Quiz: Which Character Am I in Netflix’s New Hit ‘Ginny & Georgia’?

Is the movie Ginny and Georgia on Netflix?
Ginny & Georgia is an American comedy-drama television series created by Sarah Lampert that was released on Netflix on February 24, 2021.
Are you more like Ginny or Maxine? Georgia or Marcus?

Are you a fan of Netflix's new hit series 'Ginny & Georgia'? Do you find yourself relating to one of the characters more than the others? Well, now is your chance to find out which character you truly are with our quiz!

Are you the rebellious and independent Ginny, who is constantly trying to find her place in the world? Or are you the strong and determined Georgia, who will do anything to protect her family? Maybe you're the quirky and lovable Max, who always brings a smile to everyone's face. Or perhaps you're the charming and charismatic Marcus, who has a way with words.

Our quiz will ask you a series of questions that will help determine which character from 'Ginny & Georgia' you are most like. From your personality traits to your favorite activities, we'll take everything into account to give you an accurate result.

So, what are you waiting for? Take our quiz now and find out which character from 'Ginny & Georgia' you are most like!

FAQs about Netflix's Ginny & Georgia

  • What is Ginny & Georgia about?

    Ginny & Georgia is a coming-of-age drama series that follows the story of a 15-year-old girl named Ginny Miller and her mother, Georgia, who moves them to a new town in search of a fresh start. The show explores themes of family, love, and identity as Ginny navigates the challenges of adolescence while Georgia tries to leave her troubled past behind.

  • Who stars in Ginny & Georgia?

    The show stars Antonia Gentry as Ginny Miller and Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller. Other cast members include Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller, Jennifer Robertson as Ellen Baker, and Felix Mallard as Marcus Baker.

  • Is Ginny & Georgia worth watching?

    Yes, Ginny & Georgia is definitely worth watching if you enjoy coming-of-age dramas with complex characters and compelling storylines. The show has received positive reviews for its strong performances, sharp writing, and engaging plot twists.

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