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What exotic plant means?
An exotic plant is one that is not native to our area, but which may survive and reproduce here, displacing native species and altering natural systems.
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What is the most exotic plant?

10 Most Exotic Flowers Around the World Plumeria. Heliconia. Blue Passion Flower. Lily of the Valley. Lotus. Bird of Paradise. Amaryllis. Protea.

Which plants are known as exotic plants?

25 Most Known Exotic Flowers Brazilian Pepper (Schinus Terebinthifolius) Melaleuca (Melaleuca Quinquenervia) Latherleaf (Colubrina Asiatica) Australian Pine (Casuarina Equisetifolia) Dutch Amaryllis (Hippeastrum Reginae) Seaside Mahoe (thespesia Populnea) Anthurium (Anthurium Sp.) Pale Alyssum (Alyssum Alyssoides)

What are the exotic plants in India?

Exotic Flowers of India Ganges Primrose. The Ganges Primrose or the Asystasia gangetica is one of the most gorgeous and unusual flowers. Woodrow's Crinum Lily. Rare and endangered, the Woodrow's Crinum Lily is one of the most beautiful floral wonders in India. Law's Ceropegia. Yakla Snow Lotus. Rebe. Siroi Lily.

What are exotic flowers?

Types of exotic flowers Orchids. Calla lilies. Anthuriums. Bird of paradise. Celosia. Lily of the valley. Hyacinths. Tulips.

What are exotic trees?

Exotic tree species are species introduced to an area where they do not occur naturally. Such species must initially be planted, but may be able to regenerate naturally later.

What is the most unique plant?

World's Most Unusual Plants and Trees Kauri tree, New Zealand. Quiver tree, Namibia. Rafflesia flower, Malaysia. Baobab tree, Madagascar. Welwitschia mirabilis, Namibia. Halfmens, South Africa. Vegetable sheep, New Zealand. Hydnora africana, South Africa.

What is the most beautiful plant?

Rose. The rose is considered the most beautiful flower in the world, which is why it's called the “queen of the garden.” It's one of the most popular flowers worldwide, and it comes in different sizes and colors. Hydrangea. Bleeding-heart. Cherry blossom. Orchid. Tulip. Peony. Lily.

What is the coolest plant?

To take a look at some of this fun flora, here are 20 of the most interesting plants in the world. Baseball Plant. Scientific Name: Euphorbia obesa. Corpse Flower. Scientific Name: Amorphophallus titanum. Dragon Arum. African Starfish Flowers. Hydnora Africana. Giant Water Lily. Elephant-Foot Yam. Welwitschia Mirabilis.

What is exotic plants Class 9?

Ans. The natural vegetation which are purely Indian are known as endemic or indigenous species but those which have come from outside India are termed as exotic plants.

What do you mean by exotic and endemic plants?

Endemic species are the local species that living in their original or native places and are found in a specific regions while exotic species are those that have come from other place which means they are living out from their native places.

Where do most exotic plants come from?

In the past, many exotic species were brought by early settlers for food, medicine and as reminders of home. Some were brought over accidentally in ship ballasts, shipping crates and in soil. Today, exotics are also promoted as ornamental garden plants, wildlife food sources and for soil stabilization.

What is the most exotic flower?

Top 15 Most Exotic Flowers Around The World Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) These exotic flowers are often grown in the tropical regions of South America. Anthurium. Exotic flowers names also sound exotic! Banana Flowers (Musa) Bindweed. Birds Of Paradise. Bull Thistle. Calathea. Calla Lily.

What is the rarest most beautiful flower?

The Middlemist's Red camellia is considered the rarest flower in the world. Only two known examples are believed to exist, one in New Zealand and another one in England.

Which is the rare flower in India?

Well, considered one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Neelakurinji blooms just once every 12 years in India's south-western state of Kerala, when it covers the hills in a stunning violet hue.

Are lilies exotic?

Queen of the Lilies. Oriental lily bulbs (Lilium) produce some the the most exotic and showy flowers in the plant kingdom, with casual observers often mistaking their flowers for huge orchids.

Which is a beautiful and exotic looking flower?

Anthuriums. This is one of the most interesting looking exotic flowers in the world. Anthuriums are popular wedding decoration flowers. They are available in red, white, and pink colours and in general, they symbolize hospitality, abundance, and happiness.

What is tropical flower?

Tropical flowers are those that are native to tropical locations, typically those that are located close to the equator, and though they require typically hot and humid climates to thrive, they can also grow well as houseplants or when kept in greenhouses.

What is meant by exotic species?

Exotic species are organisms that have been introduced into an area outside their normal distribution. Human individuals or agencies have both intentionally or accidentally introduced alien species into ecosystems, sometimes with devastating unintended consequences.

What is an example of an exotic species?

Exotic species are those that have been intentionally or unintentionally introduced by humans into an ecosystem in which they did not evolve. Such introductions probably occur frequently as natural phenomena. For example, Kudzu (Pueraria lobata), which is native to Japan, was introduced in the United States in 1876.

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