Story: 10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Own Body

What are 4 facts about your body system?
10 Amazing Facts About the Human Body
Infants are born with approximately 300 bones, but as they grow some of these bones fuse together.
More than half of your bones are located in the hands, wrists, feet, and ankles.
Every second, your body produces 25 million new cells.
Did you know there’s actually benefits to nasty earwax buildup?

What are 4 facts about your body system?

10 Amazing Facts About the Human Body Infants are born with approximately 300 bones, but as they grow some of these bones fuse together. More than half of your bones are located in the hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. Every second, your body produces 25 million new cells.

What are 10 amazing facts?

The 60 Most Interesting World Facts You'll Ever Hear Glaciers and ice sheets hold about 69 percent of the world's freshwater. The fastest gust of wind ever recorded on Earth was 253 miles per hour. Recent droughts in Europe were the worst in 2,100 years. The best place in the world to see rainbows is in Hawaii.

Do you know facts about the body?

There is a soft cartilage in your bones that gets squashed and compressed during the day. This is why every morning when you wake up, you are about 1 cm taller than you are during the day. The body has 2.5 million sweat pores. On average, humans fart enough in a day to fill up a party balloon.

What are some scary facts about humans?

35 Creepy Facts About Your Body That You Never Knew Your Feet Can Get Bigger When You Get Older. Mites Might Live In Your Eyelashes. A Quarter Of The Bones In Your Body Are In Your Feet. Your Organs Move A Bit When You're On A Rollercoaster. You Make Approximately A Teaspoon Of Tears Per Hour. Your Tongue Print Is Individual.

What are 5 interesting facts about the human body?

16 of the weirdest and wackiest facts on the human body Your eyes blink around 20 times a minute. Your ears never stop growing! Earwax is actually a type of sweat! The tongue is covered in about 8,000 taste-buds, each containing up to 100 cells helping you taste your food!

What are 5 fun facts about organs?

Check out these 10 facts about organs Your brain doesn't feel pain! Your heart beats around 115,000 times a day. The lungs take the oxygen and put it into your bloodstream! The stomach breaks down food using chemicals. An adult bladder can hold up to 400ml of liquid! Your liver can regenerate!

What are 3 unusual facts?

Bet you didn't know.. It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. A shrimp's heart is in its head. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

Did U Know scary facts?

Scary Facts to Make Your Skin Crawl Humans shed skin too. Like, a lot of skin. We could solve American homelessness easier than you think. On average, there are over 17,000,000 vacant homes in America at any given time. Your cellphone is more disgusting than a public toilet.

What is the most mind blowing fact?

100 Mind-Blowing Facts You've Never Heard Before Every 'c' in Pacific Ocean is pronounced differently. Black apples exist. Butt-shaped robots are used to test phones. There are now giant pigs as heavy as polar bears. Japanese golfers have hole-in-one insurance.

What is the weirdest fact about humans?

Your Hands and Feet Contain Over Half of Your Total Bones Of those 206 bones, you have 27 in each hand and 26 in each foot (106 total). That's 51% of all the bones in your body! There are also 26 bones in your spine (12% of your total bones) and 22 bones in your skull (10% of your total bones).

Does the inside of your stomach blush?

You blush on the inside: When you blush, it's because blood rushes to the skin of your face. Interestingly, it also rushes to the lining of your stomach.

What cool things can the human body do?

5 Cool Things Your Body Can Do Your mind can keep you warm while naked in freezing temperatures. Your joints can predict the weather. You can channel superhuman strength to lift cars and boulders. Your mind can remember anything. Your heart can tell the future.

What are some dark facts?

Scroll down for some really strange facts about death! A human head remains conscious for around 20 seconds after being decapitated. A body decomposes four times faster in water than on land. Within three days of death, the enzymes from your digestive system begin to digest your body.

What are some cursed facts?

22 Disturbing Facts That Will Freak You Out & Make You Go 'Oh, BC The average person walks past 36 murderers in their lifetime. Some tumours can grow teeth and hair. During World War 2, Japan bombed China with fleas infected with the bubonic plague.

What's the scariest day of the year?

Today is Halloween. “Halloween” means “the evening of (that is, the day before) All Hallows Day”, and “All Hallows Day” is an old Christian festival which takes place on 1 November, when special prayers are said for people who have recently died.

What is the strongest muscle in your body?

Based on absolute strength, the ability to generate maximum force, your strongest muscle is your masseter. With one located on each side of your jaw, they lift the lower jaw (mandible) to close your mouth.

What is the most amazing thing in the human body?

Your brain can recognize a sound 10 times faster than the blink of an eye, in as little as 0.05 seconds. The human heart beats more than three billion times in an average lifespan. That's more than 100,000 times per day.

What is the largest organ in the body?

The skin The skin is the body's largest organ.

What happens to your body every 7 years?

There's nothing special or significant about a seven-year cycle, since cells are dying and being replaced all the time.

Did you know facts for kids?

About 75% of your brain is made of water. Your heart beats about 115,000 times a day. Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the solar system. The nearest star to Earth is 4.2 light-years away.

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