Rank BTS’s best looks

Which BTS member is most stylish?

Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, the lead rapper of BTS and Tatler Asia's Most Stylish honouree is one of the most fashion-forward members of the group. Here, we break down his best fashion moments.

Who is the cutest in BTS?

Speaking of Jungkook, he is unarguably the cutest member of the K-pop band. He is also the youngest member of the band and all the members adore him.

Who is more handsome V or JK?

As per the reports of TC Candler, Jungkook has won the title of 'Most Handsome Face' of 2019. In the very next year, V won the 'Most Handsome Man' title. On Instagram, Jungkook has around 8.5 million followers and at the same time, V has over 6 million followers on the Instagram page.

Who is handsome in K-pop?

1. V (BTS) Fans all over the world are falling hard for this exceptionally charming, endless eye candy boy from BTS. It is a well-known and undeniable fact that everyone is going crazy over V.

Who's the best rapper in BTS?

BTS's Suga Lands The First-Ever Top 10 By A Korean Musician On The Rap Albums Chart. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. New!

Who is the fashion king of BTS?

V Talking about fashion, BTS members top the charts, but V is probably the best-dressed among them The vocalist of the band has paved the way for baggy clothes. Often called the fashion king, some of his iconic looks include his beret moment, satin shirt, patterned suit or even his spin to a humble white choker.

Who has the best street style in BTS?

Be it the funkiest of outfit choices, J-Hope looks like a million bucks in each one of them. Army and BTS both are well aware of his impeccable fashion sense, so it is only fair that we compile a list of his best street style looks to gush over once in a while.

Who has the cutest smile in BTS?

Worldwide handsome Jin from BTS has the most beautiful smile and here's proof. Soon to be birthday boy Jin has charmed us way too many times with his sweet smile. Be it his windshield wiper laugh to a full-blown grin, his smile is as endearing as him.

Who is bias in BTS?

If you find yourself watching one member during group performances, or looking up video compilations of that same member, he is most likely your BTS bias. A “bias” just means your favorite member of the group. (Not that it means you don't like the other members, but this one person is who you're drawn to the most.)

Who is best singer in BTS?

Jin, alongside Jungkook, is BTS' most reliable, consistent singer with an impressive projection and power to his voice.

Who is hot in BTS?

BTS member Jungkook has been crowned this year's “Sexiest International Man” by People magazine. This is the first time the category, which is voted for by readers, has been awarded.

Who is the second handsome in BTS?

V Kim Taehyung 2nd most handsome man in the world.

Who has the heart smile in BTS?

ARMY and even non-fans, nobody can escape the lethal effects of Taehyung's boxy smile. Taehyung has a pretty heart smile that gives him an amazing duality. On one hand, he is the cute Tae Tae and on the other hand, he is the sensuous idol and performer Kim Taehyung! We love Taehyung's boxy heart smile and duality!

Who is handsome V or Jin?

BTS' Jin topped the list of Most handsome K-pop idols 2021 with a total of 195,920 votes. He has always been praised and loved by the ARMY members across the world for his looks. While Jin is on the top of the list, he is followed by his BTS co-members V and Jungkook.

Who is K-pop King?

Kim Taehyung won as the Kpop Idol of the Year award (King of K-Pop) at the Global Nubia Awards 2021 (GNAs 2022). He's truly such a Worldwide king indeed. He's a legend.

Who is best dancer in K-pop?

BTS' Jimin crowned as 'Best K Pop dancer of 2021' It is no denying that BTS' Jimin is definitely one of the best K-pop dancers ever!

Who raps faster Suga or RM?

Suga is considered as the fastest rapper in BTS and RM of BTS is the lead rapper.

Who raps the fastest in BTS?

The exact speed of this rapper is still up for debate, though, as one fan on Quora stated, “Suga is the fastest rapper in BTS and is the second fastest rapper in South Korea with 9.38 syllables per second.”

Who has the girly voice in BTS?

There's multiple reasons why Jimin is called feminine more than the other BTS members, and its not always a bad thing - we have to realise that a man being called feminine isn't always an insult, likewise when a woman gets called masculine.

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