Quiz: Would I Survive As A Spy In The FBI?

Do you have what it takes?Would You Survive As A Spy In The FBI? Take This Quiz To Find Out

How do you qualify to be a spy?

Candidates for CIA agent jobs in clandestine services must: Be a citizen of the United States. Be at least 18 years old. Possess a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Have strong interpersonal skills. Have a strong interest in international affairs. Be able to write clearly and accurately.

What is a mole in the FBI?

In police work, a mole is an undercover law-enforcement agent who joins an organization in order to collect incriminating evidence about its operations and to eventually charge its members.

What is the meaning of FBI agent?

Definitions of FBI agent. a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. synonyms: G-man, government man. type of: government agent. a representative or official of a government or administrative department of a government.

Is being an FBI agent worth it?

Pros of being an FBI agent FBI agents typically earn a decent salary and receive a good benefits package. The average salary for a special agent is $71,665 per year . In addition, special agents receive health insurance, long-term care coverage, group life insurance, retirement savings and investment plans.

Is being a spy illegal?

Law. Espionage against a nation is a crime under the legal code of many nations. In the United States, it is covered by the Espionage Act of 1917. The risks of espionage vary.

Is being a spy a real job?

Although being a spy is not like film or TV depictions, it is a job that dedicated and skilled individuals can pursue if they want to help their country. Several government agencies employ intelligence officers, meaning there are multiple career paths.

How many years does it take to become a spy?

Remember, becoming an intelligence officer can take a long time. With all the interviews and background checks it can take six months, a year, or even two years to become a spy.

How do spies dress?

Select a main piece of clothing to serve as the base of the spy costume. A suit or tuxedo will give men a classic, James Bond inspired look. A classic trench coat will also work and the collar can be worn up for added mystery. For women, a sultry, floor-length dress or cocktail gown creates a femme fatale aura.

Is Jane the mole?

During the midseason finale, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) helped the FBI locate Sandstorm's compound. But Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) uncovered her deception, revealing that they knew she was with the FBI because of their own mole: Borden (Ukweli Roach).

What's the difference between a mole and a spy?

A mole is a spy who works for a particular agency, but divulges vital information to a rival agency. A spy, on the other hand, tries to extract information from a rival agency by pretending to be one of them. The fictional James Bond, for instance, is a spy.

Who is Nas sandstorm mole?

It turns out Sandstorm did have a second mole within the FBI. During Wednesday's episode of Blindspot, the team aligned with Nas' Sandstorm source, who turned out to be Cade (Tom Lipinski), in order to catch Shepherd (Michelle Hurd).

Can FBI agents talk about their job?

There's only a very small amount of information that an FBI agent would not be able to share with someone. Unless something or someone is under investigation, we can usually talk about what were working on or have worked on in the past.

Can FBI agents have social media?

While there are no specific regulations prohibiting an FBI agent from having an active Facebook account, social media can directly impact the results of a comprehensive background investigation.

What skills are needed to be an FBI agent?

8 examples of FBI agent skills Leadership. Leadership skills help you make important decisions without guidance and inspire your team to complete tasks. Project planning. Critical thinking. Adaptability. Self-discipline. Collaboration. Communication. Relationship building.

Do FBI agents live comfortably?

Ever wonder what it's really like to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)? Special agents are by no means wealthy, but they earn enough to live comfortably. They also have the opportunity to travel, qualify for promotions and develop their skills.

Is working in the FBI fun?

FBI agents say the job is often exciting, and working on such significant, challenging issues is very rewarding. One of the most significant downsides of working as an FBI agent is so many additional work hours in sometimes very challenging situations.

How stressful is being an FBI agent?

Due to the nature of the work, and the general high-stress that goes with being in law enforcement, FBI agents may experience stress-related health issues such as depression, anxiety, heart problems, digestive problems, chronic pain, sleep difficulties and poor nutrition.

What is a female spy called?

Sexpionage is a historically documented phenomenon and even the CIA has previously added Nigel West's work Historical Dictionary of Sexspionage to its proposed intelligence officer's bookshelf. Female agents using such tactics are known as sparrows, while male ones are known as ravens.

How many spies are there in the US?

100,000 people WASHINGTON — John Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, saysthat the U.S. global spying apparatus now numbers nearly 100,000 people assigned to stealing secrets and analyzing information to help protect national security.

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