Quiz: Who Influenced You Most Growing Up?

How did your family dynamic as a child mold your subconscious, and who influenced your growth the most? Was it a parent, grandparent, sibling, or teacher?Who Influenced You Most Growing Up?

Who has the most influence on you as a child?

Parents are the #1 influence in their children's lives. Parents don't always believe this – in a Parents Empowered survey, parents placed themselves last in the line-up of influences on their children – after friends, teachers and media.

Who has been most influential person in your life and why?

The most influential person in my life is my mom because she never gave up on me and went through a lot to make sure I had everything I needed in life. on me. She sacrificed her youth life to raise me. She always wanted the best for me.

Why do families influence you the most?

A child's learning and socialization are most influenced by their family since the family is the child's primary social group. Child development happens physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually during this time.

Who influences a person the most?

A Family Member—For most of us, parents and siblings have a huge impact on our lives. Answering with a family member is fairly predictable but also perfectly appropriate. Just make sure you can articulate the specific ways in which the family member influenced you.

What are examples of influences?

The following are common types of influence. Society. The systems, norms and shared meaning of a nation or civilization. Culture. Culture are systems of norms and shared meaning that often have far more flexible membership than society. Social Status. Cultural Capital. Knowledge. Education. Storytelling. Media.

How are we influenced by our parents?

As a parent, you influence your child's basic values, like religious values, and issues related to their future, like educational choices. And the stronger your relationship with your child, the more influence you'll have, because your child will be more likely to seek your guidance and value your opinion and support.

Who has the greatest influence on teenagers parents or friends?

12. Basically, whether parents or peers have more influence depends on the age of the child. Starting as early as age 12--and for some kids at least by 14--friends definitely have more influence than parents. Kids want to do what their friends are doing, whether it's good or bad.

How does your family influence you?

Your family influences your behaviour in a tremendous way. We learn so much about how we interact with the world and ourselves. Family relationships cast long shadows, especially when we are young, and it goes very deep into our psyche.

How do you write the most influential person essay?

When writing about an influential person, you have to talk not just about the person, but also about the reason the person has made an impact on your life; this means you have to talk about yourself, what specific things you have learned from this person, and how those lessons affect you today.

Why mother is the most influential person?

My mom is the most influential person in my life. She is an amazing example of how to work hard and how to love. She is a role model in how to overcome challenges and to keep fighting. She is such an outstanding person but an even better mom.

How your mother has influenced your life?

My mother has been the greatest influence in my life. She taught me how to be independent, how to make strong family connections, and how to set goals to become a strong woman. Through positive and negative times growing up, I have used every experience as a life lesson, and something to grow from.

How family influenced your view of yourself?

Usually, the family environment plays a large role in shaping the identity of children as they grow into adolescence and become adults. The way family members relate to one another and operate together as a social group can shape a child's self-esteem, socialization, and cultural identity.

What is the most important influence on child development?

Important Factors That Influence Child Development: Family Family is almost certainly the most important factor in child development. In early childhood especially, parents are the ones who spend the most time with their children and we (sometimes unwittingly) influence the way they act and think and behave.

How does my friend influence me?

Friends are important – they give us a feeling of belonging, bring fun and laughter, lend an extra hand, offer emotional support, and give guidance when you need it. And, whether you realize it or not, their influence goes well beyond the moment. Your close friendships help to shape the course of your life.

Why are we influenced by others?

We're all born with a particular temperament, genetics, and neurological wiring. And, of course, external factors, such as culture and socioeconomic status, have a tremendous influence on us. Another factor that shapes us is the people we've interacted with throughout our lives.

Why my dad is the most influential person?

My dad has been both my father and my friend.My dad is the most influential person in my life because he always pushes me to do my best no matter what decision I may have; he provides me with the information I need to succeed;he always has a positive outlook on life, no matter what the situation may be.

How do you influence someone?

7 Ways to Influence Other People Build trust and be consistent. One crucial mistake people often make is thinking that influence can be episodic. Be present and connect. Ask to understand. Educate and encourage. Confirm suspicions and acknowledge objections. Praise lavishly but sincerely. Challenge and encourage.

What is personal influence?

Personal influence is the effect or change in a person's attitude or behavior as a result of communication with others. The change in behavior may be influenced by communication. It may be source initiated(by the influencer) or recipient oriented by the influence).

What are the 5 social influences?

There are five social influence examples – informational, normative, conformity, compliance, and obedience.

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