Quiz: Which Shatter Me Character am I?

With Defy Me out now, we’re officially five books into Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series, and it’s safe to say we have a pretty good idea of what all our favorite characters are like. From the characters that we met at the start, to recent favorites, take this quiz to find out which Shatter Me character you’re most like!Which Shatter Me Character Are You?

Who did Juliette end up with Shatter Me?

With Kenji's blessing, Juliette heads up to Warner's office and confesses THAT SHE LOVES HIM. Exactly how he is. He pins her to the wall, and thing escalate… quickly (chapter 55).

Who is the male lead in Shatter Me?

Aaron Warner Anderson Aaron Warner Anderson is the main character alongside Juliette (his wife), and the short-term antagonist in the Shatter Me Series. He is the son of Supreme Commander Anderson and Leila Warner and the half-brother of Adam and James Kent. He is the Chief Commander and Regent of Sector 45.

Is Adam the love interest in Shatter Me?

Later on in Shatter Me, Adam finally kisses Juliette and Juliette realizes she is in love with Adam. Adam tells her he loves her and they both decide to escape from The Reestablishment and Aaron Warner. They decide to go to Adam's house.

Do Warner and Juliette get married?

In the end, she finally decides she will keep her name as Juliette Ferrars but Aaron decides to call her Ella privately but also Juliette. In Believe Me, they finally get married.

Is Kenji in love with Juliette?

Juliette Ferrars Juliette and Kenji are best friends. They are there for each other during difficult times, and comfort each other when they're hurt. Numerous times, Kenji has helped Juliette through her "boy problems", and supported her when she was weak or just in need of a friend to talk to.

Do Juliette and Warner break up?

She tells Juliette that Lena Mishkin, daughter of the Supreme Commander of Europe, was with Warner for TWO YEARS! She was deeply in love with him, but he wasn't affectionate with her, and he broke her heart. They split up eight months ago.

Do Warner and Juliette get back together in defy me?

Amidst all the chaos they've just survived, Warner proposes to Juliette!!!!!!!! She agrees, and then they celebrate his birthday. We get to see them happy, and after everything they've just been through, thank you Tahereh!

How did Shatter Me end?

How does Shatter Me end? Adam and Juliette are separated from Kenji and James. Juliette and Adam are captured by Warner who tortures Adam, then tells Juliette he loves her and kisses her. She steals his gun and shoots him.

Will Shatter Me be a movie?

Shatter Me is going to be an upcoming TV adaption of the book of the same name by Tahereh Mafi. Film rights were purchased by 20th Century Fox before the book was published. Fox-based Chernin Entertainment will produce the film.

How old is Juliette in Shatter Me?

17-year-old Juliette Ferrars is a 17-year-old girl whose touch paralyzes and kills, taking living organisms' energy. Juliette is in an asylum because three years prior, she killed a small boy in a store with her unusual touch.

Do Adam and Alia get together?

He is seen with his arm around Alia's waist and Alia kisses his cheek in Believe Me. Adam and Alia spend most of their time together along with James in Believe Me. Mafi confirmed they are a couple.

Is Shatter Me a love triangle?

At the start of the novel, she's locked up in a cell and hasn't experienced human touch in years … until Adam. “Shatter Me” screams “young-adult dystopia” with the two male leads following the love triangle trope to a T. Adam, the nice one, and Warner, the bad boy/villain/anti-hero.

What age is Shatter Me for?

16 The make out scenes were a bit intense which is why the recommendation age is 16.

Does Believe Me have a happy ending?

In this novella, we are now past the worst of it we think – Ella/Juliette is alive and well, and she and Warner have a chance at their happy ending. Of course though, you will remember (I hope?) from the last book that things didn't end perfectly.

What happens to Ella in Imagine Me?

Tatiana leaves after yet another heated debate with Anderson, and then he stabs Ella in the thigh with a scalpel. He then tells her that she belongs to him, and he takes control over her mind. Kenji and the rest of the individuals bury the bodies, and goes to the dining tent with Alia.

Who does Kenji have a crush on?

Brooklyn Kenji was first hinted to have a crush on Brooklyn when he briefly flirted with her in the beginning of season 1, which obviously faded after the Raptor Paddock incident, but he still shows signs or retaining such feelings for her. This was later confirmed in season 4.

Who is Kenji's girlfriend camp Cretaceous?

Candy Kenji is fifteen years old and appears to come from a very rich family, as he states that he lives in a mansion that is equipped with a bowling alley. However, his father is very distant, and apparently spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Candy.

Does Kenji like Brooklyn?

But in the process, Kenji reveals to viewers, if not to his friends, that he's realized he has a crush on Brooklynn.

Who is Warner's ex girlfriend?

Lena Mishkin Lena Mishkin is the daughter of the Supreme Commander of Europe and Warner's ex-girlfriend.

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