Quiz: Which One Of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks am I?

Left shark? Right shark? It’s time you know.Which One Of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks Are You?

Are you a Katy Perry fan? Do you remember her iconic Super Bowl halftime show performance in 2015? If so, then you must have noticed the two dancing sharks that stole the show. These sharks became an instant sensation and even got their own merchandise.

Now, you can find out which one of Katy Perry's Super Bowl sharks you are with this fun quiz. Are you the left shark or the right shark? Each shark had its own unique dance moves and personality, so take the quiz to find out which one matches your style.

The quiz is easy to take and only takes a few minutes. You will be asked a series of questions that will help determine which shark you are most like. The questions are fun and lighthearted, so you are sure to enjoy the experience.

Once you complete the quiz, you will receive your results and find out which shark you are. You can share your results with your friends and see which shark they are too. Who knows, you may even want to dress up as your shark for Halloween or your next costume party.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now and find out which one of Katy Perry's Super Bowl sharks you are!

FAQs about One of Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sharks

  • Who played the shark in Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance?

    The left shark was played by dancer Bryan Gaw, while the right shark was played by dancer Scott Myrick.

  • Why did the left shark become so popular?

    The left shark became popular because it appeared to be out of sync with the choreography, leading to a humorous and endearing performance that went viral on social media.

  • What happened to the sharks after the Super Bowl performance?

    The sharks were auctioned off for charity, with the left shark selling for $100,000 and the right shark selling for $18,000.

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