Quiz: Which ‘No Good Nick’ Character am I?

Which ‘No Good Nick’ Character Are You?Which ‘No Good Nick’ Character Are You?

What is Nick's name from No Good Nick?

Nicole Nicole "Nick" Franzelli is the main protagonist of the Netflix original series, No Good Nick. She is portrayed by Siena Agudong.

What did No Good Nick dad do?

Nick's desperate father took a loan from the mob and did a series of heists to pay back the loan.

Who is Nick's boyfriend in No Good Nick?

Will is played by Anthony Turpel, a 19-year-old actor who previously played R.J.

How old is Molly from No Good Nick?

14-year old Every cloud needs a silver lining, and that's where Lauren Lindsey Donzis' character comes into play. The 14-year old, previously known for her role in Disney hit Liv & Maddie, plays Molly, the daughter of Liz and Ed who sees the good in everyone — yep, even Nick.

Is there part 3 of No Good Nick?

To the No Good Nick Fandom, It's our sad duty to announce that No Good Nick will not be moving forward with part 3. Making this show has been a life changing experience for us and we couldn't have asked for a better response from the audience.

Is Ben Azelart in No Good Nick?

No Good Nick (TV Series 2019) - Ben Azelart as Dorian - IMDb.

What episode do Nick and will kiss in No Good Nick?

He goes to the same school as Nick in "The Big Mitt" later in that episode he also nearly kisses Nick but nick as feel about him. Later in the series in The Diploma Mill Will gives Nick a ticket out of town and they talk on a bench. They then kiss at the end of the scene.

Who plays Jeremy's boyfriend in No Good Nick?

Eric is a recurring character in the Netflix Original series, No Good Nick. He is portrayed by Gus Kamp.

Did Tony Franzelli get out of jail?

He was caught and is currently in jail.

What happens at the last episode of No Good Nick?

August 5, 2019 No Good Nick / Final episode date

How old is Nick in No Good Nick?

13-year-old The comedy starred Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin as Liz and Ed, whose 13-year-old Nick (Siena Agudong) has a secret agenda, struggling with whether she can go through with erh plan to get revenge on the couple for unwittingly ruining her life.

Who is Dorothy in No Good Nick?

Molly Hagan Dorothy Harbaugh is a recurring character in the Netflix Original series, No Good Nick. She is portrayed by Molly Hagan.

Who is Lgbtq in No Good Nick?

Jeremy Thompson Jeremy Thompson is a main character on the Netflix Original series, No Good Nick. He is portrayed by Kalama Epstein. It is discovered throughout the series he is gay.

What did Molly do to Nick?

She has over 11,000 followers on social media, referred to as the “Molly Mob.” She lost these followers after Nick frames Molly for being a paid promoter of fake expensive skin care products.

Can an 11 year old watch No Good Nick?

The show is actually rated TV-PG, so the ages of kids that should watch No Good Nick vary. The PG rating means that most kids can watch and understand the show with an adult present.

Are they going to make a Part 5 of Alexa and Katie season?

Sadly, Alexa and Katie isn't going to be returning for season five. Netflix announced back in February 2019 it had given the show the greenlight for a third and final season. However, the final outing was super-sized to a 16-episode run for fans to enjoy.

Is there going to be a part 4 of No Good Nick?

Netflix has no good news for fans of No Good Nick: The Melissa Joan Hart dramedy has been cancelled after one season, TVLine has confirmed. No Good Nick followed 13-year-old Nicole aka Nick, who infiltrated a family with the intention to get revenge on them for unknowingly ruining her life.

How many seasons are in No Good Nick?

2 No Good Nick / Number of seasons

What show is Ben Azelart in?

Filmography Known For. Stay Wild Host-Ben (2021) Ben Azelart Ben (2020) Piper Rockelle Writer (2021) Craziest Vacation Ever Ben (2020) Actor. Jeremy Hutchins Ben (2021) Stay Wild Host-Ben (2021) Craziest Vacation Ever Ben (2020) Zombies 2: The Collab Wyatt (2020)

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