Quiz: Which Mom From “Stranger Things” am I?

Is Elevens mom alive?

Strapped to a table, Dr. Brenner had her forcefully put through what appears to be electroconvulsive therapy (otherwise known as electroshock therapy). The shocks fried Terry's brain and locked her in a vegetative like state; alive, but her mind destroyed and running the events through her head on a loop.

Do Mrs Wheeler and Billy hook up?

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. Still, it was fascinating to see another side of Karen Wheeler explored as she contemplates having an affair with Billy. Though the two don't ultimately get together, it's hard not to imagine what could have happened.

Who is Karen in Stranger Things?

Cara Buono Karen Wheeler / Played by

Who plays dustins mom?

actress Catherine Curtin Dustin's mom is played by actress Catherine Curtin, who is a Netflix TV show all-star at this point. On top of popping up in Stranger Things, the NYC-born actress has also had roles in Mindhunter, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and, most notably, Orange Is the New Black.

Who is Dustin's mother?

Claudia Henderson Claudia Henderson is a minor character in the first and third seasons of Stranger Things and a recurring character in the second season. She is the ex-wife of Mr. Henderson and the mother of Dustin Henderson.

Is Papa Elevens real dad?

The Stranger Things prequel novel Suspicious Minds reveals that Eleven's father is a man named Andrew Rich, who was dating Ives during her time with MKUltra until his death fighting in the Vietnam War. With that said, the novels sometimes contradict the show rendering their status in canon questionable at best.

Who is Eleven's boyfriend?

Mike Wheeler Jane Hopper (née Jane Ives), better known as Eleven, is a fictional character of the Netflix science fiction horror drama series Stranger Things, written and produced by the Duffer Brothers. Eleven (Stranger Things) Eleven Significant otherMike Wheeler (boyfriend) HomeHawkins, Indiana, United States 10 more rows

Was El Born with her powers?

Psychic abilities. Eleven was born with a vast array of preternatural abilities, acquired through a combination of inheritance and exposure to hallucinogenic drugs while in utero during her mother's time as an MKUltra test subject.

Is Karen Wheeler in love with Billy?

She does, however, become sexually attracted to Billy Hargrove, the older brother of Max, who reciprocates the feelings. By the summer of 1985, Karen's desire for Billy has hit the ultimate peak, ogling him along with her friends at the local pool, where Billy works as a lifeguard.

Did Steve sleep with Nancy?

Once they were up in his bedroom, Nancy asked Steve to give her some privacy which he proceeded to do so until Nancy changed her mind and undressed in front of him. They proceeded to have sex. They were unaware that Barb was being abducted by a ferocious monster. After having sex with Nancy, Steve fell fast asleep.

How old is Ted Wheeler?

59 years (August 31, 1962) Ted Wheeler / Age

Who is the hot mom in Stranger Things?

Karen Wheeler Karen Wheeler, portrayed by Cara Buono, is a main character in Stranger Things. She is the loving but somewhat clueless mother of Nancy, Mike, and Holly, and the wife of Ted.

What's Mike's mom's name in Stranger Things?

Karen Wheeler Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things) Mike Wheeler Full nameMichael Wheeler NicknamesDungeon Master FamilyKaren Wheeler (mother) Ted Wheeler (father) Nancy Wheeler (older sister) Holly Wheeler (younger sister) HomeHawkins, Indiana, United States 6 more rows

How old is L Stranger Things?

20 years old 9. How old is Lucas from Stranger Things? - Caleb McLaughlin. Caleb McLaughlin (born October 13, 2001) is 20 years old.

How old is Catherine Curtin?

51 years (July 14, 1970) Catherine Curtin / Age

Who plays Mrs Henderson in Stranger Things?

Catherine Curtin Stranger Things (TV Series 2016– ) - Catherine Curtin as Claudia Henderson - IMDb.

Where is Dustin's dad Stranger Things?

The detectives over at Reddit have come to the conclusion the never-seen, never-spoken-about Mr. Henderson is dead — and that makes a lot of tragic sense.

Will it be stranger things 4?

To coincide with the production deal announcement, Netflix also announced the renewal of Stranger Things for a fourth season by releasing a brief, minute-long teaser on YouTube.

Did El create the upside down?

So no, El didn't create the Upside Down but she did create a portal to it. It's believed the Upside Down might've existed for millions of years. Next: How many episodes in Stranger Things season 4 vol.

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