Quiz: Which Hybrid Hogwarts House Do I Actually Belong In?

QUIZ: Which Hybrid Hogwarts House Do You Actually Belong In?

Is it possible to be in 2 Hogwarts houses?

In a Hatstall, the Sorting Hat will take the student's personal preference into account (Known Hatstalls include Professor McGonagall and Peter Pettigrew). However, the author has never suggested that a person could be in two Houses simultaneously…

Which Hogwarts House do you belong in?

Gryffindor Gryffindor. Notable members include (of course) Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Set Gryffindors apart.'

Are you a Slytherpuff?

What does it mean to be a Slytherpuff? Well, looking at the Pottermore descriptions of both Houses, it could mean that you are cunning, resourceful, and ambitious while at the same time being patient, loyal, and fair.

Is Virgo a Slytherin?

There are particular personality traits attached to the Virgo Zodiac sign and the Harry Potter house Slytherin. Virgos are typically patient, empathetic, hardworking, and creative people. The Slytherin house motto is those in Slytherin house will help others on their way to greatness.

How was Hermione not a Ravenclaw?

Hermione Granger didn't go to Ravenclaw because she valued courage and bravery over knowledge. She also expressed that Gryffindor was the best House in Hogwarts. Besides, the Sorting Hat prioritizes what type of qualities the students value rather than what they have.

Is there a 5th Hogwarts house?

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was divided into four houses, each bearing the last name of its founder: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin.

Can you be a Ravenclaw and Slytherin?

All in all, a relationship between a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw is a delicate balancing act that requires compromise. If they can learn to navigate one another's needs and goals, however, they'll be a power couple the likes of which Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston could only dream of.

Can a Hufflepuff date a Slytherin?

With a Hufflepuff partner, Slytherins could experience a lack of competition and get frustrated by Hufflepuff's laid-back approach to life, but this doesn't have to be a barrier to true love - only a temporary obstacle.

Why was Hermione in Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw?

Hermione holds the values of Gryffindor – courage and bravery – higher than those of Ravenclaw – raw intelligence and knowledge. She doesn't just value these traits; she exhibits them throughout the books.

Is Slytherin house evil?

However, from the very beginning, Slytherin is always seen as the evil House. This is how Hagrid introduces Slytherin to Harry. In these words alone, it is clear that Slytherin is the House where everyone is evil. However, this isn't the case, as there are characters such as Horace Slughorn and Leta Lestrange.

Does Pottermore still exist?

Pottermore' Is No More, But Will Live on as 'Wizarding World' The super helpful site for fans is getting a rebrand and moving to a bigger space. Pottermore is no more.

What is a Gryffinpuff?

Huffledor-Gryffinpuff is a combination of two Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter, merged together to create a house for those who feel like they belong in both. Or for those who don't fit into any house at all, and need somewhere to be.

What is a Slytherdor?

A Slytherdor is willing to take risks, to do things that might have serious consequences; a Gryff-leaning Slytherdor might not pause to think things through, while a Slyth-leaning Slytherdor will probably think about it and decide it's worth it.

Are you a Hatstall?

An archaic Hogwarts term for any new student whose Sorting takes longer than five minutes. This is an exceptionally long time for the Sorting Hat to deliberate, and occurs rarely, perhaps once every fifty years.

What zodiac signs are Slytherin?

Slytherin: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces This house is stereotypically the house where all the villains of the wizarding world originate (sorry, water signs), but IMO, they're also the most misunderstood, which is also true of water signs (particularly Pisces).

Are Scorpios slytherins?

Scorpio belongs to Slytherin. They are talented. Emotional in nature, ambitious in mind, and cunning in nature, Scorpio projects a very positive amalgamation of traits in its character.

Is Hermione a Virgo?

Hermione Granger: Virgo Virgos are obsessed with presenting their very best selves to the world.

How is Luna a Ravenclaw?

She's seen as a bit absent-minded, is easily distracted, and is extremely eccentric in both her disposition and general outward appearance. But that's what makes her a perfect Ravenclaw. She loves learning, but unlike many of her housemates (or Hermione, for that matter), she can never know enough.

Would Harry have been a Slytherin?

Harry Potter came very close to being sorted into Slytherin before he persuaded the Hat to sort him into Gryffindor. Yet the spectre of Slytherin haunted him for some time afterwards, becoming particularly potent in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when he was rumoured to be the heir of Slytherin.

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