Quiz: Which ‘Gotham’ Villain am I?

Before Batman… Before Commissioner Gordon… Before they were villains, the bad guys of “Gotham” were still pretty bad. But are you an Oswald Cobblepot, or a Fish Mooney? Take our quiz and find out!Which ‘Gotham’ Villain Are You?

Who is the villain in Gotham season 1?

Ogre. In Gotham season 1, Jason Skolimski was introduced as a 3-episode villain and became the show's take on the Batman foe, The Ogre, played by Milo Ventimiglia. Jason was a serial killer who went after young rich women, with Barbara Kean being one of them.

Who is the villain in Gotham Knight?

While Gotham Knights trailers have revealed Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and the Court of Owls as villains, Two-Face could become the game's most important villain.

Who is the villain in Gotham Season 2?

industrialist Theo Galavan James Frain was cast as a new villain - billionaire industrialist Theo Galavan. Jessica Lucas was cast in the role of Theo's sister Tabitha Galavan, who is the show's version of the DC villain Tigress.

Who is Harley Quinn in Gotham?

Ecco was specifically created to serve as the Gotham version of Harley Quinn. The two, aside from physical traits, share a number of similarities, including their devotion to their bosses (Jeremiah and the Joker) and usage of terms like "Puddin'".

Who is the Joker in Gotham?

Gotham's Jeremiah Becomes the One, True Joker (Finally!) In Gotham's finale, Jeremiah Valeska finally fully embraces the identity of the Clown Prince of Crime to become Batman's legendary foe.

Is Jerome the Joker?

Gotham star Cameron Monaghan and the show's producer John Stephens have confirmed that the character Jerome is not the Joker and also that the show will never be allowed to use a proper version of the iconic Clown Prince of Crime.

Who is the best villain in Gotham?

The 15 Best Villains on Gotham Captain Nathaniel Barnes. Played by: Michael Chiklis. Ra's al Ghul. Played by: Alexander Siddig. Butch Gilzean. Played by: Drew Powell. Commissioner Gillian Loeb. Played by: Peter Scolari. Ivy Pepper. Played by: Clare Foley, Maggie Geha and Peyton List. Theo Galavan. Tabitha Galavan. Hugo Strange.

Who is the main villain in Gotham season 3?

Benedict Samuel was cast in a lead role as villain Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter.

Is Joker in Gotham Knights?

1:02 6:29 Into a game like gotham knights well first off i want to make it very clear that the joker. WouldMore

Is Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights?

Developed by Rocksteady Studios, the upcoming shooter is set within the same universe as the Batman Arkham games and will see players take on a brain-washed Justice League as Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang. Gotham Knights releases on Oct.

Is Tim Drake in Gotham Knights?

Robin - Tim Drake As of Gotham Knights, Tim is "an expert fighter armed with his collapsible quarterstaff and skilled in the art of stealth, Tim also possesses a background in combined psychological warfare and behavioral sciences, all of which sets the stage for him to accomplish any mission."

Who is the main villain in Gotham season 4?

Clearly not content with bringing the (real) Joker to life, Gotham has now brought back Ra's al Ghul from the dead in a sinister ritual involving Bruce Wayne's blood. Although initially a zombie, Ra's al Ghul soon regained his power after winning back the Demon's Head from Barbara Kean and the League of Shadows.

Who killed Bruce Wayne's parents?

Joe Chill In Batman's origin story, Joe Chill is the mugger who murders young Bruce Wayne's parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. The murder traumatizes Bruce, inspiring his vow to avenge their deaths by fighting crime as the vigilante Batman.

What is the Joker's real name?

Jack Napier Jack Napier, also known as the Joker, is a fictional character introduced in the 1989 superhero film Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Primarily portrayed by Jack Nicholson, the character was based on the iconic supervillain the Joker.

What villain is fish Mooney?

Fish Mooney is mob boss Carmine Falcone's most trusted lieutenant. Unbeknownst to Falcone, Fish is plotting to usurp his criminal empire, and employs a young woman named Liza, who resembles Falcone's late mother, to distract the lonely, aging mafia chieftain while Fish undermines his control of Gotham City.

What villain is Barbara Kean?

If you've been following the television series, Gotham, you'll know that Barbara Kean is now the leader of a League of Shadows splinter group after losing her title as the Demon's Head. She's also a former lover of Ra's al Ghul.

Why did they replace Ivy on Gotham?

The showrunners explained the recasting by wanting to move away from the more comedic version played by Maggie Geha into a scarier, more ruthless character. Poison Ivy V. 3 is obsessed with making the world a much greener place and can poison people with a scratch.

Why did Gotham have 2 jokers?

10 CHANGED: GOTHAM'S 'JOKER' IS TWO PEOPLE He's two people: the Valeska twins, Jerome and Jeremiah! The producers were prohibited from using Joker in the show, as the higher-ups at Warner Brothers wanted the Clown Prince Of Crime to be solely reserved for film appearances.

Is Penguin The Joker?

Back in October, a reddit user posted a theory that blew many a mind in the "Gotham" fandom: that fan-favorite Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) was not actually Batman's villain The Penguin, but the Joker himself.

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