Quiz: Which ‘Clueless’ Character am I?

Find out which of Bronson Alcott High’s finest meshes well with your personality. Which ‘Clueless’ Character Are You?

Is Josh in Clueless her brother?

How big is the age difference between Cher and Josh? Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way: yes, Cher and Josh are step-siblings, which makes their romance weird enough.

How would you describe Cher from Clueless?

Personality… vain and spoiled, but ultimately well-meaning. Cher's got an inner confidence that few people can rival. For her, better grades are just an argument away and there's no way her matchmaking instincts could ever be wrong (as if!).

What grade is Josh in Clueless?

Cher is barely 16 years old and Josh is a college freshman (which means we should suppose that he's no older than 19). That means that she is under 18 and he is over 18, and that's when things can get legally sticky.

Is Mean Girls inspired by Clueless?

The teen themes and social divides prominent in “Sixteen Candles” and “Clueless” were also the backbone of the 2004 movie “Mean Girls” — a film written for a new generation by sharp-witted Tina Fey.

Is Mean Girls the same as Clueless?

The worlds of Clueless and Mean Girls couldn't be further apart. While both films delve into teen culture, Cady Heron is no Cher Horowitz. But that didn't stop Clueless alum Alicia Silverstone from solving an ongoing mystery – who hit Regina George?

Is Clueless inappropriate?

This film isn't appropriate for young kids -- it contains drinking, drug use, and implied sex -- but teens will love it. And it might even get them to read some Jane Austen.

What is the age difference between Cher and Josh in Clueless?

Josh is a college freshman in the movie, meaning he's either 18 or 19 years old. Sure, it's not that far off from Cher's 16, but she is still a minor.

Who does Cher end up with?

Ultimately, Cher's friendships with Tai and Dionne are solidified, Tai and Travis are dating, Mr. Hall and Miss Geist get married, and Cher catches the wedding bouquet – helping Josh win a $200 bet. She then embraces Josh and they kiss.

What personality type is Cher?

Cher - Thought to be an ISFP in the Myers Briggs personality typing #cher #cherqoutes #personalitytypes #… | Myers briggs personality types, Personality types, Isfp.

Why is Cher a role model?

Cher Upholds Her Principles Cher Horowitz is an excellent role model for young women who wish to embrace the power of their feminine energy with male attention left entirely out of the equation. She doesn't let anyone's peer pressure goad her into compromising on her personal convictions.

Is Cher smart in Clueless?

The heroine from the '90s classic Clueless is anything but another pretty face. I mean, sure, she's pretty, but she also has a ton of qualities that make her so much more than that. She's powerful and smart and has no problem standing up for what she believes in.

Does Josh have a crush on Cher?

And in the background of all that drama is Josh (played by the ageless Paul Rudd), Cher's college-aged ex-step sibling who hangs around the house, helping her dad with his law practice. As the movie progresses, Cher and Josh get closer.. and closer ending the cinematic masterpiece with a kiss and a new romance.

Who is Josh's girlfriend in Clueless?

Alicia Silverstone Weighs In On Cher & Josh's "Unusual" Clueless Romance. She's not buggin'. The fashion, the slang, the questionable romance between step-siblings — Clueless has quite the legacy, and no one is more keenly aware of that than the movie's star.

Who is the guy that kisses Cher in Clueless?

Who was Jeremy Sisto a.k.a. Elton in Clueless? Jeremy Sisto played the role of Elton in the film. Elton is one of the popular and handsome students in Beverly Hills High. Cher is good friends with him.

What should I watch if I liked Clueless?

14 Teen Films Like Clueless She's All That. Mean Girls. Bring It On. Can't Hardly Wait. Heathers. Pretty in Pink. Easy A. Legally Blonde.

Was Heathers inspired by Mean Girls?

Besides its source material, Mean Girls was also shaped by a classic high school film that came before: the late 80s' black comedy Heathers (Waters, 1988).

Did Heathers influence Mean Girls?

Heathers is the movie most credited as being a direct influence on Mean Girls, as it featured a group of four popular girls wreaking havoc on the lives on those around them. Cady even briefly references that film.

Is there a Clueless 2 movie?

Sadly, it looks like Bear's dream of a Clueless sequel won't be coming true. Silverstone has previously made it clear that there will not be a sequel to Clueless, attributing the choice to the film's writer-director Amy Heckerling. And she told ET that she agrees with her reasoning.

What age is Legally Blonde for?

As much of the language is not child-friendly, we recommend this movie for kids aged 12 and over.

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