Quiz: Which Batman Sidekick am I?

No one does sidekicks like Batman, and Robin isn’t the only bird in his nest…lol. Which sidekick are you? Batgirl, Alfred, Robin or someone else entirely?Which Batman Sidekick Are You?

Who is Batman's first sidekick?

The first Batman supporting character was Commissioner James Gordon, who first appeared in the same comic book as Batman in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and is Batman's ally in the Gotham City Police Department.

Who is Bruce Wayne's best friend?

Batman And Alfred Pennyworth Batman and Alfred is the first and most important friendship most fans came to know in comics. It's a relationship that extends beyond mere friendship since Alfred Pennyworth served as Bruce Wayne's surrogate father after the death of Bruce's parents.

Who is Batman's strongest sidekick?

Damian Wayne is the most recent character to hold the title of Robin. He is also Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul's biological child, albeit one that was simply grown from their DNA. While he was brutal and headstrong, Damian ended up being one of the strongest Batman sidekicks.

Did Batman have a black sidekick?

Duke Thomas is a fictional character appearing in comics published by DC Comics.

Who was the second Robin?

Jason Todd Jason Todd was the second Robin, and historically one of the most interesting ones considering everything that's happened to him since his initial introduction in 1983. Dick Grayson was created during the Golden Age of Comics, and his demeanor, at least at the time, was very light and innocent.

Is Alfred a sidekick?

A secret sidekick of Batman's has returned in DC Comics. Batman/Superman 2021 Annual #1 places Alfred in a role that he occasionally revisits, from his older comic days. While it has been used simply as a codename, it is much more than that.

Who is Robin's best friend?

Jessica Glitter is a Canadian New York Rangers organist, and, along with Robin, she starred in a Canadian kids show Space Teens in the '90s, where the two teenagers, aboard a spaceship, use math to solve crimes.

Who were Batman's friends?

Even a morose loner like Batman needs friends, and the Dark Knight has more than you might think. Here are his 15 closest superhero pals. 15 Superheroes You Didn't Know Batman Was Best Friends With 1 Superman. 2 Wonder Woman. 3 Zatanna. 4 Deadman. 5 Martian Manhunter. 6 Huntress. 7 Katana. 8 Booster Gold.

Who is Batman's confidant?

Alfred Pennyworth A British special forces veteran turned butler, Alfred Pennyworth is the most loyal friend and confidant of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Alfred Pennyworth is more than just Bruce Wayne's butler, or Batman's confidant.

Who is Spider Man's sidekick?

Andy Maguire (of Earth-616), better known as Alpha, became Spider-Man's sidekick to coincide with his 50th anniversary (1962 - 2012) starting in The Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) #692 in August of 2012.

Who is Batman's favorite child?

Richard Grayson is clearly Batman's favorite son.

Who is Batwoman's sidekick?

In 1961 Kathy's niece, Betty Kane, became Batwoman's sidekick, Bat-Girl.

Does Batman have a female sidekick?

Ever since then, Barbara Gordon has been a staple in Batman stories. Being Batman's first female sidekick, Barbara Gordon holds a special place in Batman fans' hearts. Not only could she keep up with Batman and Robin in a fight, but is also a technology genius (which is what led her to become Oracle).

What was Robin's real name?

Dick Grayson Robin the Boy Wonder was actually Dick Grayson, the youngest of a family of circus aerialists, who witnessed his mother and father plunging to their deaths from a sabotaged trapeze.

Which Robin killed the Joker?

Jason Todd That's easy, you kill Robin! “A Death in the Family,” which ran in Batman #426-429, hinges on a chilling scene where the Joker ambushes Robin (Jason Todd) and beats the Boy Wonder senseless with a crowbar, leaving him tied up in a warehouse with a bomb.

Which Robin is Harley Quinn?

Damian Wayne Damian Wayne (aka Robin) is a character in the T.V. series, Harley Quinn. He is the son of Batman and Talia al' Ghul and the fifth Robin. He is also a member of Teen Titans.

How many Robins did Batman have?

To date, there have been five Robins in Batman's mainstream continuity. Just like Dick Grayson, and their mentor, most of them have their fair share of tragedy. But they've made it through several DC Crises and even death to form a crucial part of Gotham's extended Bat-Family.

Is Alfred the Joker?

It was revealed that Alfred created the identity of the Joker to antagonize Batman, presenting himself as the Dark Knight's greatest villain. The bizarre twist might appear as a betrayal, but Alfred's motivation was sincere.

Is Alfred a Robin?

Born in Australia, Robin's family moved to New Zealand in 1861. A coachbuilder by trade, he was active in the local militia, before becoming a professional soldier in 1899. Alfred Robin. Sir Alfred William Robin Born12 August 1860 Riddells Creek, Australia Died2 June 1935 (aged 74) Wellington, New Zealand AllegianceNew Zealand 7 more rows

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