Quiz: Which “Ab Fab” Character Is Your Drunken Alter Ego?

Who were the two main characters in Absolutely Fabulous?
The wild misadventures of Edina “Eddy” Monsoon and her best friend Patsy Stone, who live in a nearly constant haze of drugged, drunken selfishness. The wild misadventures of Edina “Eddy” Monsoon and her best friend Patsy Stone, who live in a nearly constant haze of drugged, drunken selfishness.
“Darling, if you want to talk bollocks and discover the meaning of life you’re better off just downing a bottle of whisky. At least that way you’re unconscious by the time you start to take yourself seriously!” – Patsy Stone

Who are the Ab Fab characters based on?

Edina "Eddie" Margaret Rose Monsoon is one of the two main characters in the British television sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, created and portrayed by comedian Jennifer Saunders, and based on Saunders' real-life friend, Lynne Franks.

Was Patsy Stone a man?

On various occasions throughout the series, it is alluded to that Patsy was once transgender, having undergone a sex-change operation in Morocco in the 1960s. Edina states that this only lasted a few months, "before it fell off", and Elton John recognises her as someone he slept with when she was a man.

Who is Patsy Stone based on?

It's long been known that Patsy was partly modeled on Amanda Lear, the French disco diva, Playboy model and former lover of David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and Salvador Dali.

What does Bolly mean in Absolutely Fabulous?

Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne Edit. Typically a reference to Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne.

Which Scottish singer regularly played herself in Absolutely Fabulous?

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns Lulu Kennedy-Cairns is best known by her stage name Lulu. She is a Scottish singer (best known for the song "To Sir With Love"). She is also an actress, and television personality.

Why was Absolutely Fabulous Cancelled?

On 29 November 2016, Jennifer Saunders confirmed that "She was done" with Absolutely Fabulous and it would not be returning to television for another series, or specials, nor would a sequel to the film be made. Saunders said that she wished to focus on new projects and spend more time with her family.

Is Bubble from Ab Fab death?

Incredibly sad news. Child star Mya-Lecia Naylor tragically died at just 16 years old in April and coroners have now confirmed she hanged herself at her family home.

Who is Jennifer Saunders married to?

Ade Edmondson Jennifer Saunders / Spouse (m. 1985) Personal life. Saunders married Adrian Edmondson on 11 May 1985, in Cheshire. They have three daughters: singer-songwriter Ella Edmondson (b. 1986), actress Beattie Edmondson (b.

How old was Patsy Stone?

Patsy was born on 30 October, although her actual age is never clearly divulged, she often states herself to be between 39 and 43. In one episode ("Cold Turkey") a nurse guesses that she is around 65 years old. Patsy also has a sister named Jackie, whom Eddy abhors and who twice tried to kill Patsy with drug overdoses.

Does Eddie have a son in Absolutely Fabulous?

Serge Turtle (portrayed by Josh Hamilton) is Edina's older child and only son, fathered by Marshall, Edina's first husband. Serge left home as a university student, and has never returned. He is much loved by Edina, and often used as an example to Saffron of what an ideal child should be in Edina's eyes.

Who played Patsy Stone?

Joanna Lumley Patsy Stone / Played by

Who is Edina Monsoon based on?

Lynne Franks Lynne Franks was honoured by the Prince of Wales for her services to business, fashion and women's empowerment. Her lifestyle is said to have been used as the inspiration for character Edina Monsoon in the BBC sitcom. The 70-year-old from Wincanton, Somerset, said her OBE was "an award for all women".

What does Patsy drink in Absolutely Fabulous?

The AbFab cocktail, or “Stoli-Bolli”, came from an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, in which Patsy and Edina kind of make it up on the fly. It's extremely simple – just vodka-spiked champagne, really.

When did Ab Fab end?

December 25, 2004 Absolutely Fabulous / Final episode date

What is a stolly?

Noun. Stolly (plural Stollies) (informal) A serving of Stolichnaya vodka.

What is a Bolli?

bolli m (genitive singular bolla, plural bollar) dumpling, meatball. pill (small object containing some sort of medication)

What Champagne did Ab Fab drink?

Bollinger NV Special Cuvee Brut And now it's back: Absolutely Fabulous the Movie opens Friday, with Eddy, Patsy and the whole gang back with a bang. Or rather, a pop. The movie's poster shows the duo riding a giant bottle of Bollinger NV Special Cuvee Brut, a classic Champagne that was the series' signature quaff.

Who is Lola in Absolutely Fabulous?

Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016) - Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness as Lola - IMDb.

Who plays Saffy Ab Fab?

Julia Sawalha Julia Sawalha (born 9 September 1968) is an English actress, who is best known for her role as Saffron "Saffy" Monsoon in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

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