Quiz: What is my Enneagram Instinctual Variant?

Is your instinct to be social, sexual or self-preserved?What is Your Enneagram Instinctual Variant?

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that helps individuals understand their core motivations, fears, and desires. It is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. One aspect of the Enneagram that is often overlooked is the Instinctual Variant, which refers to the three basic survival instincts that drive our behavior: self-preservation, social, and sexual.

The Instinctual Variant is an important component of the Enneagram because it influences how we interact with the world around us. Understanding your Instinctual Variant can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies for personal growth and fulfillment.

This quiz is designed to help you determine your Enneagram Instinctual Variant. It consists of 30 questions that will assess your behavior and preferences in various situations. The questions are designed to be thought-provoking and insightful, and will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Once you have completed the quiz, you will receive a detailed report that explains your Instinctual Variant and how it influences your behavior. You will also receive tips and strategies for personal growth based on your results.

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a seasoned practitioner, this quiz is a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Take the quiz today and discover your Enneagram Instinctual Variant!

FAQs about Enneagram Instinctual Variant

  • What are the three instinctual variants in Enneagram?

    The three instinctual variants in Enneagram are self-preservation, social, and sexual (also known as one-to-one or intimate).

  • How do I determine my instinctual variant?

    You can determine your instinctual variant by observing your behavior and identifying which of the three instincts is most dominant in your life. You can also take an Enneagram test that includes questions about your instinctual behavior.

  • What is the significance of knowing my instinctual variant?

    Knowing your instinctual variant can help you understand your behavior and motivations better. It can also help you identify areas of growth and development, as well as improve your relationships with others.

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