Quiz: Were These Inventions Invented By A Man Or A Woman?

Who invented the tampon? What about the windshield wiper?Man or woman inventions quiz

Are you ready to test your knowledge about the inventors of some of the most important inventions in history? In this quiz, you will be presented with a list of inventions and you will have to guess whether they were invented by a man or a woman.

Many people believe that most of the important inventions in history were created by men, but this is not entirely true. Women have also made significant contributions to science and technology, but their achievements have often been overlooked or forgotten.

By taking this quiz, you will not only learn about some of the most important inventions in history, but you will also discover the names of some of the brilliant women who made them possible.

So, are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Let's get started!


Who invented the windshield wiper?

The windshield wiper was invented by a woman named Mary Anderson in 1903. She noticed that drivers had to stop their cars and manually wipe snow and rain off their windshields, which was dangerous and time-consuming. Anderson came up with the idea of a swinging arm with a rubber blade that could be operated from inside the car, and she patented her invention. Today, windshield wipers are a standard feature on all cars.


Did a man or a woman invent the dishwasher?

The dishwasher was invented by a man named Josephine Cochrane in 1886. Cochrane was a wealthy socialite who hosted many dinner parties, and she was frustrated by the fact that her fine china was often chipped or broken by her servants when they washed it by hand. She decided to design a machine that could wash dishes automatically, and she received a patent for her invention. The first dishwashers were large and expensive, but they eventually became more affordable and popular.


Who invented the Kevlar bulletproof vest?

The Kevlar bulletproof vest was invented by a woman named Stephanie Kwolek in 1965. Kwolek was a chemist who worked for DuPont, and she was trying to develop a new type of fiber for use in tires. She discovered a material that was incredibly strong and lightweight, and she realized that it could be used to make a bulletproof vest. Kwolek's invention has saved countless lives, and Kevlar is now used in a variety of applications, including body armor, helmets, and sports equipment.

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