Quiz: Should You Date Zach or Clay from ’13 Reasons Why’?

Should You Date Clay or Zach from ’13 Reasons Why’?Should You Date Clay or Zach from ’13 Reasons Why’?

Is Zach a good guy in 13 Reasons Why?

He's a great, selfless, and kind guy. However, he's also totally insensitive and aggressive. He threatens to beat up Tyler in season 1, he does everything to protect his image on the tapes, and almost beats Bryce to death.

Did Zach Take Hannah's virginity?

Clay confronts Zach on his way to his car because he's upset that Hannah lost her virginity to Zach and not him. Clay learns from Sheri that the Clubhouse is where the Polaroids were taken.

Does Zach Love Hannah?

He told the court that he and Hannah had a summer romance and had taken each other's virginities, but ended it after Zach was too scared to bring their relationship public which made Hannah believe he was ashamed or embarrassed of their relationship. After his testimony, Zach has an emotional breakdown.

Who is clay in love with?

Clay's main love interest in season 1 is Hannah Baker. He has a crush on her and they even kiss at a party. Is does seem, however, that there is a spark between Clay and Skye which will likely be explored in season 2.

Does Zach like Alex?

It was a moment fans had been waiting a while for, since many viewers picked up on some chemistry between Alex and Zach in Season 2, but it only lasted for a split-second. Zach told Alex he wasn't into guys, and after a little bit of awkwardness, the two were able to keep their friendship as strong as ever.

Does Zach like Chloe?

At a party, Zach revealed that he had feelings for her but Chloe said that she had a boyfriend, making things even more tense. At the end of the season, she showed up at Justin Foley's Funeral and graduation with Scott, and she and Zach seemingly rekindled their friendship.

Is Clay crazy in 13 Reasons Why?

10 CLAY: Behavior In Season 4 Season 4 focuses on Clay's anxiety and mental instability. Many of the episodes see him acting irrationally, erratically, and unpredictably. Some of the characters describe him as crazy.

Did Zach hurt Alex?

2:36 4:06 Channel princess alex which hurt zach a lot his every effort to get alex back seemed futile. And theMore

Who did Clay lose his virginity?

Valerie Diaz Valerie Diaz is the daughter of Sheriff Diaz and the girl Clay lost his virginity to. At a party, she flirts with Clay and later has sex with him. Afterwards, she tells her boyfriend that she hooked up with Clay which resulted in Clay beating up the guy. She's later seen attending Justin's funeral with her dad.

What's Hannah Baker's Secret?

In 13 Reasons Why season 1, episode 4, "Tape 2, Side B," Hannah Baker had once been stalked. She reveals that the culprit was Tyler Down (Devin Druid). The socially-awkward photographer developed a crush on Hannah after she was kind to him.

What did Tony do to Hannah?

Tony gave the Bakers Hannah's tapes on a USB. He apologized for not being honest and revealed that Hannah made tapes and he kept secrets for her. The season ends with Tony, Brad, Clay and Skye going for a drive.

Is Alex and Zach still dating?

Zach and Alex have been together since November of 2017, which the relationship came to an end in 2021.

Who is Clay's girlfriend season4?

Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis - The Loop Stella Baxter Height:5'4 Status:Alive Episode Count:42 Character Information 15 more rows

Does Clay have a girlfriend?

While going through it, Justin found another Polaroid that went with Clay's second Polaroid of a an unconscious and unknown girl being raped by Bryce Walker, in the Polaroid Justin found, it is evidently revealed to be his girlfriend, Chlöe.

Who did Clay end up with?

He is talked down by officers and is let off of the hook. On the series finale, Clay gives a speech at graduation and he meets a girl named Heidi (Veronica St. Clair) who will also be attending Brown next semester. The two agree to get coffee and look at course catalogs together.

What episode did Alex and Zach kiss?

Alex and Zach kiss on the rooftop scene from Episode 1. Courtesy of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why (Season 4).

Did Zach cheat on Alex?

2:40 4:03 So it has become very obvious now that she is in love with levi. Levi recently shared everythingMore

Who does Alex end up with?

Alex and Izzie's love story seemingly came to an end when cancer survivor Izzie was last seen in Season 6 leaving Seattle after Alex refused to resume their marriage. Alex eventually moved on, marrying Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington).

Was Hannah Baker pregnant?

Season one of Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why saw Hannah (played by Katherine Langford) raped by jock Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) which was a contributing factor to her taking her own life. However, it may be that the assault resulted in Hannah falling pregnant.

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