Quiz: Pick Some Food From The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter And We’ll Reveal How Many People You Will Kiss In 2020

What foods did they eat in Harry Potter?
Harry and his classmates breakfast on sausages, kippers, porridge, fried tomatoes, and toast with marmalade, and dine on roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, lamb chops, steak-and-kidney pie, shepherd’s pie, Cornish pasties, treacle tart, trifle, and spotted dick.
2019 has been a busy and exciting year. I know you won’t kiss and tell but maybe if you take this Harry Potter quiz, it will be revealed how many people you’ve actually kissed last year.

What is Harry Potter's favorite food?

Treacle Tart Harry Potter's Favorite: Treacle Tart.

What would Harry Potter eat for dinner?

Harry mostly eats with the Dursleys, but they never give him enough and things get worse when he is punished: in CS1 he has to be satisfied with two slices of bread and a lump of cheese after a day of hard work in house and garden and when they lock him in his room, all he gets for dinner is tinned soup which Petunia

What do you serve at a Harry Potter party?

Harry Potter Party Food – click links for the Recipes Butterbeer Cupcakes. Pumpkin Pasties. Fruit Platter. Treacle Tart. Chocolate Golden Snitches. Pensive Jelly – Blue jelly with whipped cream.

What is Hermione's favorite food?

Hermione Granger: Panera Bread.

What is Draco Malfoy's favorite food?

Draco Malfoy-Sushi Like sushi paired with ginger or wasabi, a Slytherin can seem bitter and harsh at first. The sticky rice represents the fact that Draco is loyal to those he cares about, and the colors of all the sushi fillings represent his changing evolution throughout the series.

What sweets are in Harry Potter?

"Anything off the trolley, dears?" Explore this delicious range of Harry Potter sweets, including Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Honeydukes treats and a range of Hogwarts chocolate favourites available exclusively from the Sweet Trolley.

What is Harry Potter's favorite candy?

Talk about a risk! You and your kids will love reliving some of your favorite moments from the Harry Potter books and movies with Harry Potter Bertie Bott's beans.

What is Ron Weasley's favorite dessert?

Treacle tart | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom.

What does Harry Potter eat for breakfast?

The breakfast served at Hogwarts resembles a full English breakfast. According to Wikipedia, the traditional full English includes bacon, eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), tomatoes, mushrooms, toast with butter, sausages and baked beans, served with a mug of tea or coffee.

Does Hogwarts have lunch?

Daily Routines at Hogwarts There are two morning classes with a break between (signaled by a bell), followed by lunch and a break. After lunch, classes resume at 1 pm.

What do wizards drink?

Of course, the OG of wizarding world drinks is Butterbeer – a comforting, warming pick-me-up that Harry and his friends enjoyed on numerous occasions.

Is there alcohol in butterbeer?

At Universal, Butterbeer is an alcohol-free, foam-topped soft drink with a creamy butterscotch taste. And fans love it.

What are Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes?

The Cauldron Cake was a popular wizarding cake variant. Cauldron Cakes were mass-produced in Pakistan by Qizilbash Quality Confectionary from 1854 onward. They could be bought from the Honeydukes Express trolley on the Hogwarts Express, or at Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade.

What is Emma Watson's Favourite food?

Mexican food Emma has mentioned in multiple interviews that Mexican food is her all-time favorite kind of food. She explained to The Huffington Post, “I'm obsessed with Mexican. We don't have Mexican food in England, we just kill it. That's one of the first things I do when I come here.”

What is Ron's favorite food?

When Harry Potter first met Ron Weasley on the train, his mother prepared him four corned beef sandwiches for the journey, despite the fact that he was known to hate them. Ron Weasley's comfort food was his mum's bacon sandwiches.

Where do Hogwarts students eat?

Restaurants, pubs, etc. Three Broomsticks Inn (Hogsmeade) Leaky Cauldron (Diagon Alley) Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor (Diagon Alley) The Hog's Head (pub in Hogsmeade) (PS16, OP16) tea trolley on the Hogwarts Express, pushed by a plump, dimpled witch (PS6, PA5, PA22) Honeydukes.

Who is wife of Tom Felton?

Has Tom Felton ever been married? No, Tom has never been married. Tom Felton was in a relationship with Jade Olivia Gordon for eight years - from 2008 to 2016. Jade played Tom's character Draco Malfoy's wife, Astoria Greengrass in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

What is Draco's type of girl?

Draco Malfoy- Draco would go for a strong, slightly arrogant girl who would know how to hold her head high. She would most likely be in the Slytherin house, which would be how the two of them would meet.

Is Draco Malfoy naturally blonde?

His hair is also no longer shockingly white, but his natural dark-blonde. Or at least, what he thinks is his natural colour. His hair and eyebrows have been dyed so much over the years (at least once a week while he was on each Harry Potter set) he can no longer remember.

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