Quiz: How you will Die In ‘Hereditary’

QUIZ: How Would You Die In ‘Hereditary’?

How does the kid die in Hereditary?

Peter took Charlie and rushed to his car and through the highway to get to the hospital as soon as possible, but Charlie's situation worsened every second. Charlie leaned out of the window for air, and as Peter swerved to avoid a deer on the road, he sideswiped a telephone pole and decapitated Charlie.

How does the brother die in Hereditary?

Later on, the son (Annie's brother) commits suicide. Annie mentions that when he was 16 he hanged himself and the suicide note blamed Leigh, accusing her of “putting people inside him”. As Leigh was preparing her son for Paimon's arrival, he prematurely ended his life after what was happening to him.

How does the sister die in Hereditary?

Forced to take his sister to a party against both their wills, things go very wrong when Charlie has an allergic reaction to nuts in a chocolate cake. Racing to the hospital in the car, Charlie sticks her head out of the window in an attempt to ease her breathing, and is decapitated by a wooden post.

Why did Annie cut her head off?

Annie is possessed by Paimon. For this reason, She chops her own head off. The decapitations were needed for the ritual.

Why does Charlie click her tongue?

The clicking is a way to suppress her inability to deal with emotions—the click signifying that Charlie's mind has bottled up and compartmentalized her emotions and thoughts she hasn't dealt with.

Was Charlie meant to die in Hereditary?

The cult and Paimon needed a way for Charlie to die. By placing the symbol on the pole, it signified that it was the best way to tear the family apart—as demons tend to do—to make everyone weaker, less attached, and free Paimon from Charlie so he could enter Peter's body instead.

Does the dad die in Hereditary?

The tragedies pile up: Charlie is brutally decapitated when riding in a car driven by her brother, furthering fracturing his relationship with his mother. Annie's friend from a grief counseling group, Joan, (Ann Dowd) shows her how to connect with Charlie beyond the grave.

How does the mom die in Hereditary?

Additionally, and for reasons I am not entirely clear on, a major part of the possession ritual includes decapitation since Charlie, Annie, and her mother are all eventually beheaded.

Why did Steve die in Hereditary?

One of Hereditary's scariest moments (and one that was sadly teased in the film's creepy trailer) is the scene in which Annie (Toni Collette) accidentally burns Steve by throwing Charlie's book into the fire.

Whose body was in the attic in Hereditary?

Charlie's head gets cut off, so the body of the grandmother–placed in the Graham's attic by the cult members–is likewise decapitated, and Annie, while possessed beyond hope, is seen floating in the rafters and cutting her own head off (the moment that's given me the most nightmares).

Does the dog in Hereditary die?

The fact is — and this is a spoiler for Hereditary, which is a good movie that I recommend — they do kill a dog. Someone does, at least. At the end of the film, the sweet family dog, who only ever served to bark at a demon, is depicted for a moment lying in the grass, presumably dead.

Is Hereditary a true story?

The script reflects a real-life incident from 2004 in Marietta, Georgia, in which John Kemper Hutcherson accidentally decapitated his childhood friend and passenger, Frankie Brohm, on a telephone pole, after the latter had leaned his head from the vehicle to relieve the symptoms of his inebriation.

How did Annie Get in the attic Hereditary?

It is very likely for one of the cultists that opens the attic door for Annie. Please refer to this captured image from the movie. It was taken right after Peter escaped into the attic and before Annie gets in.

What is the secret in Hereditary?

The ending of Hereditary reveals that Annie Graham's (Toni Collette) mother Ellen Leigh (referred to as Leigh from this point forward) is the queen of a cult whose sole purpose is to conjure Paimon, one of the eight kings of Hell, into a male host.

Is Hereditary evil?

There is something deeply evil about Hereditary. As a film, it has its intellectual downfalls–relying, at times, on genre cliches, and sometimes presenting jump scares in place of earned justifications–but as a visceral experience, A24's latest indie horror is singularly torturous.

What did the ending of Hereditary mean?

At the end of Hereditary, it appears that Peter's soul is no longer represented in his own body, as the devil worshipers have performed a ceremony that has given control of him over two new hosts: Charlie and the demon King Paimon.

What is the scariest scene in Hereditary?

The Scariest Scenes In Hereditary Annie's Mother Appears In The Corner Of the Room. Steve Instantly Catches Fire. Charlie's Decapitation. Annie And Peter Are Suddenly Covered In Lighter Fluid. Peter Breaks His Own Nose. Charlie Appears In Peter's Bedroom. Paimon's Followers Gather In The Tree House. The Opening Scene.

What is the blue light in Hereditary?

It's never explained in the film, but fans theorise that the light represents Paimon's energy guiding members of the family to deliver his will. Some go one step further, saying the light is like that refracted through a lens, like the one Annie uses when she's making her miniatures.

Why does the girl in Hereditary look like that?

She pointed out that while filming Hereditary she was purposely made to look her worst. Now, some people may assume that's how she walks around on a daily basis, which isn't the case. Just like makeup, lighting and CGI are all used to make people look their best, the opposite is true as well.

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