Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About The Weasley Family?

What do u know of the Weasley family?
Wife of Percy Weasley, and mother of Molly II and Lucy Weasley. Co-founder of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes; fourth oldest child and son of Arthur and Molly Weasley, twin of George Weasley, and brother of William, Charles, Percy, Ronald and Ginevra Weasley. Died in an explosion during the Battle of Hogwarts.
How much do you know about the Wizarding World’s most favorite red-headed family, the Weasley’s? Take this quiz and see if you could be a Weasley yourself!

What is unique about the Weasley family?

According to Rowling's Pottermore website, according to an anonymous registry made in the 1930s, the Weasley's are considered one of the oldest Wizarding families in all of England. These 28 families were referred to as the "Sacred 28", and gave Voldemort a recruiting list to pick from for his Death Eaters.

Are Lucy and Molly Weasley twins?

Lucy Weasley (b. 2000s) was the youngest daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley. She had an elder sister, Molly, named after the girls' paternal grandmother of the same name.

Who are all the Weasley brothers?

Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley have six sons and a daughter: Bill, Charlie, Percy, identical twins Fred and George, Ron, and Ginny. Arthur's parents were apparently Septimus Weasley and Cedrella Black, and they had another son, Bilius Weasley.

Why are the Weasleys so poor?

The Weasleys are not especially poor. It's just that Arthur works at a comparatively low paying job at the Ministry, and has a huge family to feed. Molly is a housewife and does not add to the income. As to how poor they are, well, they are helped by not having to feed their children throughout the year.

Is Ginny's real name Ginevra?

Ginny Weasley If you know your Arthurian legends then you might recognise Ginny's full name, Ginevra, as the Italian form of Guinevere. Guinevere was, of course, King Arthur's wife, and her name means 'fair one'.

Did the Weasleys and Potters know each other?

They might have met Lily and/or James briefly at one point or another, but they probably didn't know them that well. The Order was fairly large in the first war, so I doubt they would have known each other very well just by being in the Order together.

Why was Hermione always at the Weasleys?

Probably because they were busy a lot with being dentists and she was bored being at home by herself, so they would let hoggywartz reblogged this from potter-plotholes and added: Personally, I think the reason she wanted to spend the time at the burrow has more to do with how she felt more

Is the Weasley family pure-blood?

The Weasleys ' We finish on a family who are technically quite pure-blood, but are deemed 'blood traitors' by various peers, and seem proud of it. It is, indeed, the Weasleys' compassion and morals that led to several members marrying half-bloods, Muggle-borns, etc.

Is Percy older than the twins?

Bill is two years older than Charlie, who is three years older than Percy, who is two years older than Fred and George, who are two years older than Ron, who is a year older than Ginny. Sorry.

Who married Hugo Weasley?

However, the two realise that they have always loved each other in some way and discover that they are extremely happy together. Freya gets pregnant and they marry, with Hugo changing his practice to home visits so he can be there for their kids.

Did the Weasleys become rich after the war?

I never fully realized it but the Weasleys and Potters (which are just one really big family now) after the war are quite different in terms of financial and social status than at the start of the series.

Is Ron Weasley related to Sirius Black?

So how are Sirius and the Weasleys related? Phineas Nigellus Black is Sirius' great-great-grandfather and Arthur's great-grandfather, making the two men second cousins once removed.

Are Arthur and Molly Weasley cousins?

Ron's family is big. Both Molly and Arthur are from old wizarding families (the Prewett's and the Weasley's) and at Bill and Fleur's wedding, Harry is 'another one of those Weasley cousins'.

Who killed Fred Weasley?

Fred was killed in an explosion possibly caused by Augustus Rookwood. One of the last things Fred heard before dying was Percy joking about resigning from the Ministry.

Why is Weasley a blood traitor?

The Weasleys, like other blood traitors, are called blood traitors because despite being pure-bloods themselves, they don't actually value being pure-blood or think Mudbloods and Muggles to be beneath them - they're traitors to their blood by not valuing their blood status.

What is Mr Weasley salary?

Amount is based on 1990-1992 estimate made by MSN Money.) $2,094,848- ($42,752/year determined by Economics Society at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania) - Very Base cost for sending a kid to Hogwarts for all 7 years (Not including broomsticks, pets, Quidditch robes, extra uniforms due to additional growth, etc.)

Why was Ron made prefect?

Ron's becoming a prefect is designed to give him self-confidence which he has lacked to this point. Ron, an average wizard, feels overshadowed by the alarmingly competent Hermione and the famous Harry Potter, despite their being his best friends.

What is Ginny's Boggart?

Ginny Weasley's boggart | Fandom. On Ginny's page, it says that her boggart is Voldemort.

What is Ginnys full name?

Ginevra Molly Weasley Ginevra Molly Weasley is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter novel series. Ginny is introduced in the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as the youngest sibling and only girl in the Weasley family. Ginny Weasley Full nameGinevra Molly Weasley NicknameGinny 13 more rows

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