Quiz: Guess these artists and we’ll reveal if you’re mainstream or alternative

QUIZ: Name these artists and we’ll reveal if you’re mainstream or alternative

Are you a music lover who likes to explore different genres and artists? Or do you stick to the mainstream hits and popular artists? Take this quiz and find out if you're a mainstream listener or an alternative music enthusiast.

In this quiz, we'll show you pictures of famous musicians and bands from different eras and genres. Your task is to guess their names and see how many you can get right. But that's not all. Based on your answers, we'll reveal whether you're more inclined towards mainstream music or alternative music.

Are you ready to test your music knowledge and discover your musical taste? Then let's get started and see if you can guess these artists.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers in this quiz. It's all about having fun and exploring your musical preferences. So, take your time, enjoy the quiz, and see where your musical taste lies.

FAQs about Artists

1. What is the difference between a mainstream and alternative artist?

A mainstream artist is one who is widely recognized and popular among the general public. They often have a large following and their music is played on mainstream radio stations. An alternative artist, on the other hand, is one who is less well-known and may have a smaller following. Their music is often more experimental and may not fit into traditional genres.

2. Can an artist be both mainstream and alternative?

Yes, it is possible for an artist to have elements of both mainstream and alternative styles in their music. They may have a unique sound that appeals to a niche audience, but also have enough mainstream appeal to gain wider recognition.

3. How can I tell if I am a fan of mainstream or alternative artists?

If you tend to enjoy music that is played on popular radio stations and have a preference for well-known artists, you may be a fan of mainstream music. If you seek out lesser-known artists and enjoy music that is more experimental or unconventional, you may be a fan of alternative music.

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