Quiz: Do you remember these Stranger Things minor characters?

How well do you remember these Stranger Things minor characters?

Who is Tammy from Stranger Things?

Stranger Things season 4 official trailer from Netflix However, fans were intrigued after the character of Tammy Thompson (played by Julia Reilly) made an appearance.

Who was Sandra in Stranger Things?

Bethany Anne Lind Sandra. Sandra appeared to be a one-night stand of Hopper's. She is portrayed by Bethany Anne Lind.

Who is Greg in Stranger Things?

Eduardo Franco as Greg in "Queenpins" | Stranger Things Season 4: Who Plays Argyle?

Did Hopper get fatter?

The Stranger Things star, 46, had gained weight for the Netflix show, and then put on more weight — and added a scraggly beard — for his role in Marvel's Black Widow. "I was like, 'Let's use the weight. ' So I started eating even more. I got up to 280 lbs., and I loved it," Harbour told The New York Times.

Is Will in love with Mike?

“Yeah. I think you find out slowly through the season, Will's kind of love towards Mike, and I think it's a really beautiful thing.” Questions about Will's sexuality have persisted since the early days of the show, particularly before the Netflix hit introduced any queer characters at all.

Who is Robin's crush in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things season 4 teaser (Netflix) Robin was introduced in season 3 as Steve's co-worker at the ice cream store, who came out as a lesbian after he revealed his crush on her. She has her own crush in the newly-released season 4 part 1, having the hots for a girl named Vickie.

How old is Millie Bobby Brown?

18 years (February 19, 2004) Millie Bobby Brown / Age

Who is Lucas sister in Stranger Things?

Priah Ferguson In the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things," Priah Ferguson plays Lucas' sarcastic younger sibling, Erica, so convincingly well that it's hard to believe she isn't a little sister herself. But she does have the next best thing to pull inspiration from: a baby sister of her own.

Who was Hopper sleeping with?

She is named Sandra in both the actress list and the subtitles (and only listed for that one episode).

Who is Hopper married to?

David Harbour Alma materDartmouth College OccupationActor Years active1999–present Spouse(s)Lily Allen ( m. 2020) 3 more rows

Did Nancy and Steve sleep together?

When Barbara was found missing and Nancy grew concerned for her, Nancy confessed her worries to her mother. She later admitted to having slept with Steve after being questioned by the police.

How old is Dustin season 1?

Now, Dustin also seems to have an in-universe birthday in May, but he's still part of the 1971 crew, so he's 12 when we meet him in season 1, but depending when Lucas' birthday is, he might be the third-oldest of the team.

Who is playing will Byers in season 4?

Noah Schnapp Noah Schnapp – Plays Will Byers Will is on Eleven chaperone duties at the start of season 4, looking out for his friend as she struggles to deal with the pressures of High School.

Is Stranger Things scary?

So yes, it depends on how well you handle squeamish scenes and supernatural stuff, and on the season itself as they differ in what they contain. Season 1: In Episode 1, before Will is kidnapped, there was a lot of suspense.

What age is David Harbour?

47 years (April 10, 1975) David Harbour / Age

Are Hellboy muscles real?

2:16 4:48 Revealed is a move he calls the suitcase carry according to the all-star trainer this workout hitsMore

Who is David Harbour wife?

Lily Allen David Harbour / Wife (m. 2020)

Who is Will Byers boyfriend?

Will is gay and in love with Mike, who is straight and in love with El. Unfortunately, it seems that Stranger Things is going to let Will's feelings stew in the shadows until the bitter end. (Or at the earliest, when the Stranger Things Season 4 finale comes out on July 1.)

Who is Will Byers crush?

Stranger Things 4 Cast Appears to Hint Will Byers Has a Crush on Mike. While discussing fan theories in an interview for season 4, the cast discusses one particular theory that suggests Eleven and Will explore the romance.

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