Quiz: Do You Remember ’13 Reasons Why’ Season One?

With the second season days away, it’s time to see how much you really remember from season one.QUIZ: How Well Can You Remember ’13 Reasons Why’ Season One?

Why did they ban 13 Reasons Why?

Challenged for drugs, alcohol, smoking, being sexually explicit, suicide, and being unsuited for age group.

Did Netflix change the ending of 13 reasons why season 1?

Two years after it released the first season of the show 13 Reasons Why with a graphic suicide scene, Netflix has announced that it has edited it out. The show is centered on the suicide of fictional teen Hannah Baker, and the first season's finale shows her taking her own life.

Is Thirteen Reasons Why a hit?

Interestingly, looking at the data presented by Netflix, the first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why made it to the platform's list of most popular series and films. Within the first 28 days of release, the show's season 1 garnered a total of 476 million view hours, while its season 2 reached 496 million.

Did Hannah Baker really exist?

No, Hannah Baker is not real. Hannah is based on a character from Jay Asher's novel. However, Jay was inspired by a relative who attempted to take their own life while in high school so you could say 13 Reasons Why is lightly inspired by true events.

What did Clay do to Hannah?

After the death of Hannah Baker, a classmate of Clay's that he had a crush on, Clay started to hallucinate Hannah in the halls and classrooms of Liberty High School, the school that both Clay and Hannah attended. He first saw a hallucination of Hannah looking at him in the halls.

Is Thirteen Reasons Why OK for kids?

There is an explicit suicide scene, there is more than one rape scenes, one in particular is really tough and it's not suitable for kids.

Did Netflix take off 13 Reasons Why?

Two months after a study linked the series to an increase in suicide rates, Netflix removed a graphic scene.

Has 13 Reasons Why been censored?

However, according to the American Library Association, the 13 Reasons Why novel was the most banned book in American schools for the year, in 2017, which is when season one first aired.

Why did they remove Hannah's death scene?

Originally, the season one finale scene (which was nearly three minutes long) showed Hannah graphically slitting her wrists in a bathtub before her parents found her body. After some initial backlash, Netflix added an updated trigger warning to the series and eventually decided to remove the scene all together.

Was Hannah's death scene edited?

Now in July 2019, over two years since Season 1 was released, Netflix quietly re-edited its most controversial episode, as first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, that depicted the main character Hannah's (Katherine Langford) suicide on-screen.

Did Kate Walsh cut her hair for 13 reasons?

Like with Walsh's wig, she added hair and reshaped Heizer's hairpiece, noting that after she was done, the show's editors thought he dyed his real hair. Still, Farmer said she and her staff “would make jokes that Alex and Olivia literally had the same hairstyle” — something with which the internet ultimately agreed.

Can a 16 year old watch 13 Reasons Why?

According to Common Sense Media, kids who have seen the series say that 14 is the appropriate age for teens to watch it, whereas parents feel age 16 was more appropriate. In our parent's guide, which covered the things you should know before watching the series with your kids, we recommended kids be 15 before viewing.

Is 13 Reasons Why a horror show?

In its final season, Netflix's flagship high school drama '13 Reasons Why' delves into psychological horror as its teen leads face guilt and paranoia in the wake of murder.

Why is clay on the tapes?

Clay being on the tapes also set up a reflection of the painful and equally traumatic effects a person's suicide can have on those left behind. Clay's sense of guilt of what he had possibly done to Hannah weighed heavily on him in the lead up to his tape.

What did Justin do to Hannah?

Hannah devotes an entire tape (two sides) to Justin. His first tape describes how he betrayed Hannah her freshman year by dumping her without a word and then spreading rumors about her. It's pretty easy to see why she's mad at him for that: he broke her heart, then stomped on it.

What did Bryce do to Hannah?

On tape number 12, Hannah reveals that Bryce raped her in a hot tub during a party. After the traumatizing event, Hannah seeks help. But her guidance counselor, Kevin Porter (Derek Luke), minimizes the assault and overlooks her suicidal ideation.

Who killed Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why?

Reason 4 - Tyler Down She reveals that the culprit was Tyler Down (Devin Druid). The socially-awkward photographer developed a crush on Hannah after she was kind to him.

What mental illness did Clay have?

Despite these troubling moments, Clay is never explicitly diagnosed with a specific mental illness — something experts took issue with last year when it came to the portrayal of Hannah's suicide.

Does Hannah Love Clay?

Yes Hannah did love Clay. He played an important role in her life. Clay loved Hannah too and Hannah knew about this but since she mentioned in her tapes, according to Hannah he deserves someone better.

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