Quiz: Do you know ‘Ready To Die’?

In honor of the Notorious B.I.G’s 20th anniversary we came up with the hardest quiz you’ll take today.How Well Do You Know ‘Ready To Die’?

Who made Biggie beats?

Carl 'Chucky' Thompson, Who Produced Hits for the Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige, Dies at 53.

Why did Biggie name his album Ready to Die?

Just because he had a record deal, there was no guarantee the Brooklyn rapper would make it through his 20s alive. And yet Biggie was cool with that — so cool, in fact, that he called the record Ready to Die. The title is as complex as the man himself.

What was Notorious BIG first album?

Ready to Die The Notorious B.I.G. / First album Ready to Die is the debut studio album by American rapper The Notorious B.I.G., released on September 13, 1994, by Bad Boy Records and Arista Records. The album features productions by Bad Boy founder Sean "Puffy" Combs, Easy Mo Bee, Chucky Thompson, DJ Premier, and Lord Finesse, among others. Wikipedia

What was biggies best album?

The Best Notorious B.I.G. Albums, Ranked 6. ' Conspiracy' 5. ' The King & I' 4. ' Born Again' 3. ' Duets: The Final Chapter' 'Life After Death' Just a few weeks after the tragic passing of B.I.G.'s death, the world was treated to his second album. And man, what a hell of a follow-up it is. 1. ' Ready to Die'

Is ready to die the best hip-hop album?

The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Ready To Die' – his only album released in his lifetime – is widely considered to be one of the greatest rap albums of all time. Since its release in 1994, it's inspired countless rappers in Biggie's wake and secured his legacy as a raw and real storyteller.

How old would 2Pac be today?

Rap icon Tupac “2Pac” Shakur would have turned 50 years old in 2021.

Who is considered the father of rap?

Founding Father Of Rap, Gil Scott-Heron, Dead Songwriter, performer, novelist and poet Gil Scott-Heron died Friday at age 62. He was best known for a work he first recorded in 1970, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." Host Scott Simon has a remembrance.

How old is Jay Z?

52 years (December 4, 1969) Jay-Z / Age

Did Biggie have a ghostwriter?

One of the biggest hits of all time, I'll Be Missing You - Comb's Grammy-award-winning ode to his friend Biggie Smalls - was the work of the ghostwriter Sauce Money. He grew up as Todd Gaither in Brooklyn's projects alongside Jay Z, who inspired him to start writing.

Did Tupac write his own songs?

Tupac Shakur Says He "Wrote Only One Song In Jail" In Post-Prison Interview From 1995. In recently released interview footage recorded just a week after Tupac Shakur's release from prison in 1995, the rapper describes recording All Eyez On Me in a week-long recording binge.

What was Jay Z first album?

Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z / First album Reasonable Doubt is the debut studio album by American rapper Jay-Z. It was released on June 25, 1996, by Priority Records and Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records. Wikipedia

Are Biggie and Tupac friends?

Most fans know that Biggie and Tupac were friendly before they became enemies, but it went way deeper than that. “They instantly hit it off,” says Tinsley. “They were both Geminis, so they were Gemini twins in a way. These guys were incredibly close.

How old is Dr Dre?

57 years (February 18, 1965) Dr. Dre / Age

What was Lil Wayne's first rap name?

During a 2011 interview with Nardwuar: The Human Serviette, Lil Wayne revealed that he didn't always go by his famed moniker 'Lil Wayne'. Weezy confirmed his first rap name was 'Shrimp Daddy' after being inspired by former Cash Money artist Pimp Daddy. “Shrimp Daddy.

Which is Eminem's best album?

Eminem, 'Encore' (2004) Eminem, 'Straight From the Lab EP' (2003) Eminem, 'The Slim Shady EP' (1997) Various Artists Music From and Inspired by The Motion Picture 8 Mile (2002) Eminem, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' (2013) Eminem, 'The Slim Shady LP' (1999) Eminem, The Eminem Show (2002)

What is 2pac's best album?

1. All Eyez On Me. Rightly seen as his magnum opus, All Eyez On Me is quite possibly the greatest hip-hop album of all time, bar none. The number of records sold probably attest to that on its own but the fact that the LP is nearly flawless, tells you all you need to know about Pac.

What is Dr Dre's best album?

The best album credited to Dr. Dre is The Chronic which is ranked number 440 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 4,361. Dr. Dre is ranked number 314 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 6,613.

Why is pimping a butterfly so good?

“To Pimp A Butterfly” explores themes that are consistently being discussed in today's society. The themes Lamar tackles and his method of presenting his ideas transcend the songs themselves, and his message continues to be relevant and important six years after its release.

What is the biggest selling rap album of all time?

Best-selling Hip Hop Albums of All Time by RIAA Certification 2Pac, All Eyez on Me (1996) The Notorious BIG, Life After Death (1997) 2Pac, Greatest Hits (1998) Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) Outkast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003)

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