Quiz: Are You Joey, Ross, or Chandler Let’s Find Out

We love Joey, Ross, and Chandler from ‘Friends’ so it’s time for us to know who you are amongst them.

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Who is Chandler's best friend Ross or Joey?

Joey was good-natured and easily forgiving. There were very few times when he actually flew off the handle, something many of the others like Ross, Monica or Phoebe did quite often. Chandler too had the habit of obsessing over something that bugged him continuously, but not Joey.26 сент. 2020 г.

Is Joey better than Chandler?

As it turns out Ross is Chandler's best man with Rachel as Monica's maid of honor while Joey gets ordained to marry them.

Who was Chandler's best man in friends?

Both are great characters on the show and I feel David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry portrayed both the characters exceptionally well. If you want to compare both the characters then Ross is much more serious compared to Chandler. Ross on the other hand is good at situational comedy.

Is Chandler better than Ross?


Who is Monica's best friend?

Rachel is considered one of Monica's best friends.

Who is Phoebe's best friend?


Why did Joey kiss Chandler?

Phoebe is best friends with Monica and Rachel, along with their neighbors, Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, and also Monica's brother Ross Geller. She plays acoustic guitar and sings simple, awkward songs at Central Perk, occasionally busking also.

Are Chandler and Joey friends in real life?

In “The One With All the Resolutions” in season 5, the pair kiss as a way of providing cover for Chandler and Monica's secret relationship. Since they want to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, Rachel and Joey pucker up too so it's not weird. They also kiss more when they're dating.8 нояб. 2020 г.

Are Ross and Joey friends?

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry Joey and Chandler may have been friends on the show, but as it turns out — they're BFFs in real life, too. In 2016, LeBlanc said of Perry, “I saw him yesterday. I love that guy! I can not see him for five years and then get in a room together and still have that shorthand with each other.28 сент. 2018 г.

Who was Ross best man?

4:46 8:46 Now that was fun all right ross you're in the lead would you like to take another question or spinMore

Who is Ross's best friend?

at first Ross chooses Joey to be his best man but after a mishap at his bachelor party, he decides he wants both Joey and Chandler as his best men.

Who was best man at Chandlers wedding?

Chandler Bing

Has Chandler ever kissed Ross?

Since college, Ross' best friend has been Chandler Bing. In college, they were in a band called Way/No Way, and Ross blamed Chandler when he was caught smoking marijuana. They become brothers-in-law after Chandler married Monica.

Why is Chandler the best?

Ceremony. The wedding takes place with Phoebe and Rachel as bridesmaids and Ross the best man. Joey is stuck behind at his movie and almost misses his position as minister, but manages to arrive.

Is Chandler awkward?

All the friends characters did kiss each other at some point. Chandler kissed Ross when the former was drunk in S3E11 (This was not seen on screen but it is obvious he did).27 авг. 2019 г.

Who is the least favorite character on Friends?

Chandler was a good friend to Monica as well. He comforted her when Phoebe moved out and at Ross's wedding in London, which eventually paved the way for their romance. Chandler possessed the essential traits of a good friend.28 мар. 2021 г.

Does Joey like Monica?

Chandler is the most awkward member of the group of friends. However, he admits this frequently, and even informs complete strangers of this fact on a couple of occasions.28 апр. 2021 г.

What is Monica's middle name?


Does Rachel like Chandler?

Fans' least favorite character in Friends is Monica After Chandler came Joey Tribbiani with 17%, Phoebe Buffay with 15%, Rachel Green at 13%, and Ross Geller at 6%. In last place came Monica Geller with a sad 5%, making her the most disliked character in Friends, according to this poll.28 мар. 2022 г.

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