Quiz: Am I Spooky?

What is the synonym of spooky?

Similar words for spooky: frightful/frightening (adjective) ghostly (adjective) ghoulish (adjective) haunting (adjective) macabre (adjective)

Is Spooky same as scary?

Both scary and spooky cause fear and uneasiness. However, spooky refers mainly to fear caused by ghostly and sinister situations. The movie I went last night was very scary. It must be quite scary to swim in this water infested by sharks.

Is Spooky a real word?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word "spooky" is defined as, "relating to, resembling or suggesting spooks." A further break-down of "spook" gives way to the meaning, "ghost, specter" or "an undercover agent: spy." But the Dutch word describing apparitions, which first came into use around the 19th century, took on a

What is a spooky girl?

Spooky Girl is a minifigure that was released in 2014 as part of 71007 Minifigures Series 12. It originally was supposed to be released in October, but it was available in Hong Kong on 23 of September.

How do you use the word spooky in a sentence?

(1) It was a spooky coincidence. (2) The whole place has a slightly spooky atmosphere. (3) The candlelight created a rather spooky atmosphere. (4) It got a bit spooky when James started telling ghost stories.

What is the opposite of spooky?

Antonyms. unexcitable serious insensitive untroubled unexcited.

Is Unscary a word?

I'll happily keep an eye out for his next film, but this one remains utterly unscary. There's less torque than you might expect at low revs, so getting away is unscary.

Is Spookiness a word?

SPOOKINESS (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is Crow slang for?

boast, brag, vaunt, crow mean to express pride in oneself or one's accomplishments.

What does feeling goofy mean?

Definition of goofy : being crazy, ridiculous, or mildly ludicrous : silly a goofy sense of humor that hat looks goofy.

How do you unlock spooky girl?

The Spooky Girl can be unlocked through a number of different Quests, however, you may have to search around to find her standing at an area, as the wandering versions do not have any quests to offer.

Is Spooky an adverb?

adjective, spook·i·er, spook·i·est.

How do you use bizarre in a sentence?

Bizarre sentence example He was at ease with the bizarre discussion. She wasn't going to break his bizarre rules on the first day. I can't believe we're getting involved in something so bizarre and so treacherous. Her eyes closed at the bizarre news. The whole situation is downright bizarre.

Is Haunted an adjective?

haunted adjective (SPIRIT)

How do you spell Unscared?

“Unscared.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unscared.

What is the opposite of scary?

Antonyms. unalarming hot alarm consternation dismay. shivery alarming chilling.

What is a word for not scary?

unafraid Add to list Share. When you're unafraid, you're not the least bit frightened.

What is the meaning of adoringly?

: feeling or showing great affection and devotion his adoring fans her adoring husband her adoring eyes He was twenty then, an only son, spoiled by his adoring family.—

Is doppelganger a German word?

German writers coined the word Doppelgänger (from doppel-, meaning "double," and -gänger, meaning "goer") to refer to such specters.

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