Quiz: Am I Like Anna or Jonathan Saccone Joly?

It’s a very important questionAre You More Like Anna Or Jonathan Saccone Joly?

Why did the Saccone Jolys quit YouTube?

IRISH internet star Jonathan Saccone-Joly has announced he's quit YouTube - after finding fame on the video sharing platform more than decade ago. The social media star, 42, set up his YouTube channel in 2010 to impress his then-girlfriend and now wife Anna.

What has happened to Jonathan Saccone Joly?

Jonathan currently lives in Britain but grew up in Ireland and shot to fame uploading vlogs about daily family life.

Are the Saccone Jolys still vlogging?

The Saccone Jolys, an Irish family vlogging channel run by parents Anna and Jonathan Saccone Joly, have recently deleted their back catalogue of YouTube videos. They've deleted around 12 years of videos.

How did Anna and Jonathan meet?

In an interview with the Telegraph, the couple said that they met in a cocktail bar in Cork in 2006. Jonathan was studying multimedia at a further education college and had to make a music video as part of his course. He spotted Anna in a bar and cast her in it, which proved to be the start of their relationship.

What age is Anna Saccone?

34 years (November 3, 1987) Anna Saccone Joly / Age

How old is Alessia Saccone?

5 years (2017) Alessia Francesca Saccone-Joly / Age

What is Jonathan jolys gender?

YouTuber Jonathan Saccone Joly said his family have experienced a lot of 'hate', after he revealed to his followers that he is non-binary and that his second child, born a boy, is now a transgender girl called Edie.

Where do the Saccone Jolys Live 2020?

Since starting the channel in 2009 they quit their jobs and dedicate their time to uploading daily snapshots of their lives. So the question you want to know is where do they live? The answer is Reigate!

Why is Anna Saccone famous?

The Surrey-based parenting influencer, Anna Saccone-Joly has taken digital platforms by storm since joining in 2009. Her family YouTube channel, SacconeJolys has become a space to share all aspects of her family life. Anna was born in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to Cork with her family at the age of seven.

What did Anna Saccone study?

Basically I started off in college in Ireland after I finished secondary school, studying Language and Cultural Studies.

Is Jonathan Joly married?

Anna Saccone Joly Jonathan Saccone Joly / Spouse

What nationality is Anna Saccone?

American Irish Anna Saccone Joly/Nationality

What age is Emilia Saccone Joly?

9 years (2012) Emilia Tommasina Saccone-Joly / Age

What does Jonathan Joly do for a living?

The picturesque surroundings of Reigate provide ample reason to move here, but they're not the only benefit to living in the town according to Jonathan Joly, a hugely successful YouTuber from Ireland with more than 1 million Instagram followers.

How many children does Anna Saccone have?

Anna Saccone is in bed by 8pm on most school nights. And who can blame her? The YouTuber and doting mother shares four children Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia and Andrea – all aged between eight and three – with her husband Jonathan Joly, not to mention the family's six dogs.

Where did the Sacconejolys get married?

We opted for a simple, laid back and intimate wedding in the south of Italy surrounded by family and friends.

Is Saccone Joly married?

Jonathan Saccone Joly Anna Saccone Joly / Spouse

Where do the Saccone Joly family live?

Cork couple Jonathan and Anna Saccone Joly live in London's commuter belt with their children Emilia (4), Eduardo (2) and new baby Alessia.

Who is the Joly family?

Jonathan Saccone Joly Eduardo Saccone Joly Alessia Saccone Joly Anna Saccone Joly/Family

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