Quiz: Am I Donna, Rosie or Tanya from “Mamma Mia”?

QUIZ: Are You More Donna, Rosie or Tanya from “Mamma Mia”?QUIZ: Are You More Donna, Rosie or Tanya from “Mamma Mia”?

Who does Rosie end up with Mamma Mia?

Bill Austin For "Bill Austin" in Mamma Mia! (musical), see Bill Austin. Bill Anderson is one of the three possible fathers of Sophie Sheridan and a Swedish writer and adventurer. He eventually falls in love with Donna's best friend, Rosie Mulligan, the fun-loving, un-married British author.

Who plays Rose in Mamma Mia?

actress Julie Walters British actress Julie Walters is one third of Donna and the Dynamos in Mamma Mia! as Rosie Mulligan, the "lone wolf."

How old is Donna when she has Sophie?

twenty years old In Mamma Mia! Sophie is said to be twenty years old. This means that, as Donna was roughly twenty when she gave birth she is roughly forty in Mamma Mia! ↑ It is said that Ruby and Fernando's affair took place in 1959, which is very close to Donna's birthdate.

Is Fernando Sophie's grandfather?

But most important, I figured out that Andy García's character Fernando Cienfuegos has to be Sophie's grandfather.

Are they making a Mamma Mia 3?

Mamma Mia 3' is an upcoming musical romantic comedy film. It is a sequel to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) and the third film in the 'Mamma Mia' trilogy.

Who is Sophie's baby's dad in Mamma Mia?

But Bill is hot A lot of people seem to think because young Bill and young Donna have undeniable sexual chemistry that means he's the father. But after reading all Sarah's evidence, I have to agree with her – no matter how hot Bill is, Sam is still the father. Sorry to disappoint you all.

Why Bill is Sophie's dad?

The Case for Stellan Skarsgard, aka “Bill” In Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, it's suggested that Bill comes from a big family, which might suggest fertility. Sophie was named after a woman named Sophia, and Bill believes it was his great-aunt. This Sophia took care of Donna while she was pregnant.

Why did Meryl Streep not do the second Mamma Mia?

The studio couldn't have wanted it more, given how much money the original made. But immediately, there was just a struggle. Not every story needs another chapter. So they couldn't really find a proper version that actually made dramatic sense."

Is Sophie the same actress in Mamma Mia 2?

Amanda Seyfried as Sophie Sheridan Popular American singer-actor Amanda Seyfried played the role of Sophie Sheridan in Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. Amanda as Seyfriend played the daughter of Donna, granddaughter of Ruby, stepdaughter of Sam, wife of Sky and mother of Donny.

Did Amanda Seyfried do her singing in Mamma Mia?

Amanda Seyfried – Sophie Ah, the sweet vocals of the Seyfried. Once again, Amanda takes on the role of Sophie in the sequel to Mamma Mia! – and somehow, she's even more impressive than the last time.

How old was Amanda Seyfried when she filmed Mamma Mia?

Cher, 74, who played the grandmother of the character played by Seyfried, 35, in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, says during the Q&A: “I saw the movie and I loved it … you were great as her … your characterization of her was so good that they [the audience] could get what it was immediately.

Did Sophie and Skye get married?

Sophie is taken aback that he would question her love for Sky and runs off. Sophie later decides to have Donna walk her down the aisle as she and her mother prepare for the wedding. As the wedding proceeds, Sophie and Sky decide not to get married right away, and instead leave the island and tour the world.

Who did Donna sleep with first?

Harry The first movie establishes that Donna hooked up with her three suitors in the following order: Sam, the evening before July 17; Bill, the evening before August 4; and Harry, August 11. In the flashbacks of young Donna, she has sex with Harry first, then Sam, and then Bill.

Was Mamma Mia filmed drunk?

Apparently, the cast of Mamma Mia was drunk while filming the modern-day masterpiece, and it all truly makes sense now.

Is Sam Sophie's dad Mamma Mia?

In the end of Mamma Mia, the three potential fathers all agree to all play a fatherly role in Sophie's life. Sam marries Donna and becomes Sophie's stepfather.

Who is the baby in Mamma Mia 2?

Donny Sheridan-Rymand Donny Sheridan-Rymand is a minor character in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. He is the infant son of Sophie Sheridan-Rymand and Sky Rymand, the grandson of Donna Sheridan-Carmichael, step-grandson of Sam Carmichael, and great-grandson of Ruby Sheridan.

What happened to Donna in Mamma Mia 2?

In the present, Donna, played by Meryl Streep in the original 2008 "Mamma Mia," has passed away. Her daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is running a hotel from the Greek Island where they lived together.

What will Mamma Mia 3 Be Called?

Here We Go Again Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is a 2018 British-American jukebox musical romantic comedy film written and directed by Ol Parker, from a story by Parker, Catherine Johnson, and Richard Curtis.

How much did Julie Walters get paid for Mamma Mia?

Colin Firth is reported to have nabbed a fee on par with Cher for playing British Harry, while Julie Walters allegedly received $300,000 (£233,919).

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