Quiz: Am I Cool, Trendy or Popular?

Ever wondered if you were popular? Cool? Trendy? Take this quiz to find out.Are You Cool, Trendy, Or Popular?

What is a better word for popular?

Some common synonyms of popular are common, familiar, ordinary, plain, and vulgar. While all these words mean "generally met with and not in any way special, strange, or unusual," popular applies to what is accepted by or prevalent among people in general sometimes in contrast to upper classes or special groups.

What are better words for cool?

synonyms for cool chilly. frigid. frosty. refreshing. air-conditioned. arctic. biting. chill.

Is there a word trendy?

Trendy is a relatively recent adjective, first formed in the mid-1960's from the noun trend, which originally meant "the way something bends," and later came to mean "general tendency."

What does cool slang mean?

fashionable and attractive If you say that a person or thing is cool, you mean that they are fashionable and attractive. [informal, approval] He was trying to be really cool and trendy. That's a cool hat. Synonyms: fashionable, with it [old-fashioned, informal], hip [slang], stylish More Synonyms of cool.

Is cool a slang word?

As an epithet. While slang terms are usually short-lived coinages and figures of speech, cool is an especially ubiquitous slang word, most notably among young people. As well as being understood throughout the English-speaking world, the word has even entered the vocabulary of several languages other than English.

How do you say something is very popular?

very popular chart-topping. hit. number one. smash. very successful.

What do you call a popular girl?

This reverse dictionary allows you to search for words by their definition. belle POP lass colleen maiden gal schoolgirl maid miss scout gamine teenybopper girlhood sylph tomboy fashionable hoyden bird lassie nymphet filly girlish.

What is the opposite popular?

(of a person) Opposite of liked or admired by the majority of people. unpopular. disliked. unlikable. detested.

Is cool an outdated word?

Everyone says "cool" in every generation, but it's falling out of favor with Millennials. It's a dad word. A gadget might be cool, or the vacation plans might be cool. But using the one word as a exclamatory term to voice approval is as dated as any of the words on this list.

When did cool become slang?

1933 Slang use of cool for "fashionable" is by 1933, originally African-American vernacular; its modern use as a general term of approval is from the late 1940s, probably via bop talk and originally in reference to a style of jazz; the word is said to have been popularized in jazz circles by tenor saxophonist Lester Young (

How do you say you are cool?

7 Great Ways To Say “Cool” Without Saying “Cool” Awesome. You can say something is “awesome” if you want to imply that you are impressed. Nice! You can say something is “nice” when you want to express admiration. Sweet! Similar to “nice”, you can say sweet when you want to convey admiration. Excellent. Dope. Killer. Sick.

Does trendy mean popular?

The definition of trendy is something that is fashionable, up to date or in fashion. The most popular current song on the Billboard Top 100 is an example of something that is trendy. One who avidly follows the latest fads or trends.

Is trendy formal?

A trendy is someone who is trendy. a lively and informal city-based television network dedicated to the urban trendy. If you describe someone who follows new ideas as trendy, you disapprove of them because they are more interested in being fashionable than in thinking seriously about these ideas.

How do you use the word trendy?

Use “trendy” in a sentence | “trendy” sentence examples Designer beers and trendy wines have replaced the good old British pint. He was trying to be really cool and trendy. He had a trendy haircut, an earring and designer stubble .

Does cool mean interesting?

adjective. very good, excellent, interesting, fun, etc. That's a cool car.

What does cool mean from a girl?

When a woman is described as being “cool,” it's because she embodies stereotypical male traits. She's into sports, casual sex, and you'll never know when she's PMS-ing, because she's always chill.

How do you say something is trending now?

A common word used online is trending to indicate something is becoming noteworthy. Here are a few possibilities: burgeoning: meaning "growing rapidly", often applied to things growing in popularity or acclaim. trending: very modern and specific to things that are growing in popularity, used mostly in technology.

How do you say you are popular?

Popular with many people - thesaurus popular. adjective. a popular activity, place, thing etc is one that many people like. fashionable. adjective. popular at a particular time. acclaimed. adjective. well-received. adjective. top-rated. adjective. much loved/respected/admired/criticized etc. phrase. big. adjective. pop. adjective.

What do u call a hot girl?

glamour puss. femme fatale. heart-throb. good-looking person. “I cast looks at the young boys and decided Kai would have been quite the hottie in high school.”

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