Groundhog Day Useless Trivia

Groundhog Day Useless Trivia

How much was Bill Murray paid for Groundhog Day?

around $2 million However, as he glides back and forth between hits and independent films, his per film salary varies. Murray was paid $9,000 for “Rushmore,” but took home around $2 million for “Groundhog Day.” “Ghostbusters” earned him $6 million. However, he got $48 million for his work in “The Jungle Book.”

How many times did Bill Murray wake up in Groundhog Day?

According to, Bill was stuck in the loop for 33 years and 350 days. That means he was left repeating the same day an incredible 12,395 times.

Who gets punched in Groundhog Day?

Groundhog Day (1993) - Ned Ryerson!

How many times has the groundhog been correct?

The animal prognosticator has been at it since the 1880s. Records kept by the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club show Phil has predicted 105 continued winters and only 20 early springs. According to the Stormfax Almanac, that works out to a 39% accuracy rate for Phil.

How accurate is the groundhog?

about 39% Data from the Stormfax Almanac's data shows that Phil's six-week prognostications have been correct about 39% of the time.

How much did Rita bid on Phil in Groundhog Day?

twenty-five cents An old woman bids twenty-five cents and ends up winning the bid. On their way out of the party, Phil and Rita run into Ned Ryerson. Ned says that this is the best day of his life because Phil has apparently bought every type of insurance known to humanity from Ned that afternoon.

How did Phil break the loop?

Even so, the script focused much more on Phil's loneliness. He breaks the loop only after realizing that there are other lonely people and that he can do good deeds to make them happier.

What happened between Bill Murray and Harold?

No matter what the cause, the creative disagreements between Ramis and Murray came to a head when the director grabbed his friend by the shirt collar and threw him against a wall, as recounted in Violet Ramis Stiel's intimate memoir, "Ghostbuster's Daughter: Life With My Dad, Harold Ramis." Though the two wouldn't

How many Punxsutawney Phil's have there been?

one Punxsutawney Phil How many "Phils" have there been over the years? There has only been one Punxsutawney Phil. He has been making predictions since 1886! Punxsutawney Phil gets his longevity from drinking the "elixir of life," a secret recipe.

How old is Punxsutawney Phil groundhog?

135 years old HOW OLD IS PHIL? According to Groundhog Club members, there has only been one Phil — and he has been predicting since 1887. That makes him 135 years old! The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club was established in 1887 by a group of groundhog hunters.

How much time did Phil spend in Groundhog Day?

The mad tradition spawned the 1993 comedy classic that saw Bill Murray's sardonic TV weatherman Phil Connors stuck in the same day over and over again. But for just how long? Well a film blog has worked it out for you: 33 years and 350 days.

Who said Am I right or am I right?

Am I right or am I right or am I right, right, right, right?” 6. “Ned Ryerson – got the shingles real bad, almost didn't graduate? Bing.”

Why did the days stop repeating in Groundhog Day?

"According to them, Phil couldn't be stuck in the time loop for longer than two weeks because it was just too much for the audience to handle," Danny Rubin says in How to Write Groundhog Day (a highly entertaining book on how the movie came into existence and was shepherded by many parents).

Is Bill Murray's brother in Groundhog Day?

He has appeared with his younger brother, actor/comedian Bill Murray, in several movies, including Caddyshack, Scrooged, Ghostbusters II, Groundhog Day, and The Razor's Edge. Brian Doyle-Murray RelativesBill Murray (brother) Joel Murray (brother) 6 more rows

When was the last time groundhog didn't see shadow?

In 2019, the 133rd year of the tradition, the groundhog was summoned to come out at 7:25 am on February 2, but did not see its shadow.

What did the groundhog say 2022?

Groundhog Day 2022: Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter as massive storm threatens wide swath of U.S. Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog emerged from his burrow on a cold Wednesday morning and saw his shadow, declaring there would be six more weeks of winter.

How many times has the groundhog not see his shadow?

In his many years of forecasting, the prognosticating groundhog has seen his shadow a total of 105 times and didn't see his shadow a total of 20 times, with 10 years where we have no record of his prediction.

Is Punxsutawney Phil ever wrong?

Impartial estimates place the groundhog's accuracy between 35% and 41%.

Is Punxsutawney Phil immortal?

Punxsutawney Phil is basically immortal, so they say It's been the same Punxsutawney Phil for all 135 years of the tradition, according to the club. That's over 15 times longer than the upper end of a groundhog's typical lifespan.

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