9 Ways The New Lion King Movie Is Going To Be Different From The Original

We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the release of the live remake of Disney’s “The Lion King”. It’s slated to come to theatres July 18th, 2019. Until then, here are some facts about the new film to get you excited!9 Ways The New Lion King Movie Is Going To Be Different From The Original

Is the new Lion King movie the same as the old one?

If you're a fan of The Lion King soundtrack then there is a lot to enjoy about the new film, as all of the songs that you love can be found. Most of them are identical to the previous version, but there are a couple of exceptions. One of the funnier changes is that a line in "Hakuna Matata" has been extended.

What makes The Lion King different from other play?

But instead of relying on colorful animation and characters, the stage adaptation relies heavily on its beautiful African-inspired themes. The musical's narrative is conveyed through the use of African masks, puppets, and even tribal dances all sharing the familiar motif of the animated film.

What did they change in the new Lion King?

In the new movie, the bit is more of a spoken-word piece than a proper song-and-dance. Featuring the voices of Florence Kasumba, Eric André and Keegan-Michael Key as the hyenas, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Disney's “The Lion King” is directed by Jon Favreau.

Who is Nala's dad?

Mufasa Nala / Father

Is Shenzi a boy or girl?

Shenzi (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) is the leader and sole female of the trio. According to Timon in The Lion King 1½, her full name is Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Hyena. Her first name means "savage", "pagan", "uncouth", or "barbarous" in Swahili.

Why did they change The Lion King?

Despite being just eight years after The Lion King's initial release, the movie was re-released in order to introduce the film to a new generation (and, of course, to make Disney more money after its Renaissance period had come to an end).

Will there be a Lion King 4?

Originally, the series was going to end at 3 seasons. However, after almost 2 years of encouragement from fans and critics alike, Disney has renewed The Lion Guard for the long-awaited 4th season that will not only end the series, but the The Lion King trilogy as a whole.

Are there different versions of The Lion King?

When the movie was released on DVD in October 2003, it offered two versions of the film: The "Special Edition" (the 2002 IMAX re-release), and the "Original Theatrical Release".

Are any of the original cast in the new Lion King?

The film stars the voices of Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, John Kani, John Oliver, Florence Kasumba, Eric André, Keegan-Michael Key, JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, as well as James Earl Jones reprising his role from the original film.

Is there a Lion King 2?

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is a 1998 American animated direct-to-video musical romantic drama film. It is the sequel to Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King, with its plot influenced by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and the second installment in The Lion King trilogy.

Is Mufasa the same voice?

The Underground Railroad star Aaron Pierre will voice the character, who was voiced by James Earl Jones in both the original 1994 animated classic and the 2019 remake.

How did they make the new Lion King with real animals?

So how did they make 'Lion King' so jaw-droppingly photorealistic? Neither green screen nor motion-capture performances were involved. Everything seen onscreen was created by cutting-edge computer animation in a virtual reality environment, essentially shot in a powerful video-game engine.

Why is Rowan Atkinson not in the new Lion King?

“I didn't want to do it, really, because voiceovers, voice work is something I generally had never done and never liked,” Atkinson reveals on the latest episode of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing. “I'm a visual artist, if I'm anything, and it seemed to be a pointless thing to do.” Luckily, Mr.

What voices are the same in the new Lion King?

Lion King Cast James Earl Jones as Mufasa. View this post on Instagram. Donald Glover as Simba. View this post on Instagram. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar. View this post on Instagram. Beyoncé Carter-Knowles as Nala. View this post on Instagram. Alfre Woodard As Sarabi. Seth Rogen as Pumbaa. Billy Eichner as Timon. John Oliver as Zazu.

Who is Scar's wife?

Apart from her total devotion to Scar and her desire to avenge him, Zira also shows a deep contempt for other animals and especially for hyenas (despite Scar's past involvement with hyenas). This is especially seen in the song "Lions Over All" where she exclaims the superiority of lions.

Did Scar mate with Nala?

[The Lion King] Scar fathered several cubs during his reign, including a daughter with Nala.

What was Scar real name?

In The Lion Guard, Scar was born under the name "Askari" after his ancestor, the original Askari, and was at one point selected as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of lions who would protect the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life, as part of a tradition to all second-born children of the king.

Is a hyena a dog?

Although hyenas appear similar to dogs, they are actually more closely related to cats. They live throughout much of Africa and eastwards through Arabia to India.

Do hyenas eat lions?

Hyenas prey on lion cubs and are known to eat dead lions. Hyenas are the most common large carnivores in Africa. They come in spotted and non-spotted shades and are often scavengers.

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