9 Facts About The Notre Dame Cathedral That Will Make You Miss It Even More

The whole world stopped when this beloved, ancient relic burned to the ground. Here are 9 facts that will help to keep it in our minds forever.9 Facts About The Notre Dame Cathedral That Will Make You Miss It Even More

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris, France. It has been a symbol of French history and culture for over 800 years. The cathedral has been through many changes and renovations over the years, but it has always remained a beloved and cherished part of the city. Unfortunately, the cathedral suffered a devastating fire in April 2019, which caused significant damage to the building. Here are nine facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral that will make you miss it even more:

  1. The cathedral was built in the 12th century and took over 200 years to complete. It was originally designed in the Gothic style, which was popular in Europe at the time.
  2. The cathedral is home to many priceless works of art, including stained glass windows, sculptures, and paintings. Some of these works date back to the 13th century.
  3. The cathedral is also home to several important relics, including the Crown of Thorns, which is believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.
  4. The cathedral has been the site of many important events in French history, including the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804.
  5. The cathedral's famous gargoyles and chimera statues were added during a renovation in the 19th century. They are not only decorative but also serve as water spouts to help drain rainwater from the roof.
  6. The cathedral's bells are some of the largest in the world. The largest bell, known as Emmanuel, weighs over 13 tons.
  7. The cathedral's organ is also one of the largest in the world, with over 8,000 pipes. It has been played by many famous musicians over the years, including Mozart and Louis Vierne.
  8. The cathedral's spire, which was destroyed in the 2019 fire, was added during a renovation in the 19th century. It was designed by architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc and was a popular tourist attraction.
  9. The cathedral attracts millions of visitors each year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris. It is also a popular site for religious pilgrimages.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a true masterpiece of architecture and art. Its history and cultural significance make it a beloved part of Paris and the world. The recent fire was a tragic loss, but efforts are underway to restore the cathedral to its former glory. We can only hope that it will continue to inspire and awe visitors for generations to come.

1. What are some interesting facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral?

Some interesting facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral include that it took over 200 years to build, it is home to the largest organ in France, and it was the site of Napoleon Bonaparte's coronation as emperor.

2. What happened to the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019?

In 2019, the Notre Dame Cathedral suffered a devastating fire that destroyed the roof and spire. However, many of the cathedral's priceless artifacts and relics were saved thanks to the heroic efforts of firefighters and other first responders.

3. Can visitors still see the Notre Dame Cathedral after the fire?

While the Notre Dame Cathedral is currently closed to visitors due to ongoing restoration work, it is expected to reopen to the public in 2024. In the meantime, visitors can still view the exterior of the cathedral and learn more about its rich history and cultural significance.

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